The Countdown Commences: Brianna’s 5 Fall Anticipations

I watch a lot of TV. Probably more than any one person should. I mean, have you SEEN my calendar for September? Full of season premiere dates! Megan already filled you in on the hottest new series coming to your TV, but I’m here to remind you about the great returning shows!


How to Get Away with Murder

Longtime readers may remember how I fell hard last year for the newest resident of Shondaland. Season one was a twisty rollercoaster of affairs, cover-ups, and flashbacks. Investigating the Lila Stanguard murder leads four aspiring interns into committing a homicide of their own: Sam Keating, the most likely suspect for Lila’s death. Annalise (Viola Davis) helped the students cover up the crime, but things got complicated when it looked like Wes’s girlfriend Rebecca may have done the deed and fooled them all. The S1 finale was an intense ride: the Keating Four (poor Asher is left out of all the criminal activity) hold Rebecca hostage and try to posit theories where she killed Lila.

None of the theories hold enough weight, so Annalise goes to free Rebecca. But she’s escaped from the basement and sent a coded text message to an unknown person. Meanwhile, Connor and Michaela each experience big changes in their respective relationships, and the gang also has to get Annalise’s boyfriend Nate released from prison.

And to top it all off? Just when we learned the identity of Lila’s real killer, there’s a new crime to cover up: Rebecca never escaped that basement. Annalise lied to her students about the escape and now she and Frank have to clean up the body. But who killed Rebecca? Personally my money is on Laurel, but the only way to know is tune in for this season! How to Get Away with Murder returns September 24th on ABC.

American Crime

Regina King won an Emmy for her supporting role as the devout sister to a murder suspect
Regina King won an Emmy for her supporting role as the devout sister to a murder suspect

This is a show I started simple because a Leverage actor (Timothy Hutton) is in it. But then I got hooked because the story, fraught with racial tension, feels ripped from the headlines. A crime is committed on a husband and wife in their home: Matt Skokie is killed, while Gwen ends up in a coma from assault. Their relatives cry out for justice (or is it vengeance?) and a media storm ignites. The investigation tears apart the already complicated lives of three other families. There’s no clearly “right” or “wrong” characters, they’re all dealing with shades of grey while viewing each other in black-and-white terms: Felicity Huffman played grieving mother Barb who’s prone to racist judgments, Elvis Nolasco and Caitlin Gerard were Carter and Aubry, an interracial Romeo & Juliet with drug problems, and Richard Cabral’s Hector started off a selfish gang-member and ended up a man trying to do right by his family.

I’m particularly looking forward to season two of this show, as it’s going to follow a similar format to American Horror Story: each season follows a different story, with actors returning as new characters each time. According to creator John Ridley, the next story will take place in the Midwest, involving crimes related to “sexual identity and disparity in the school systems.” Keep an eye out for it come mid-season on ABC.

Steven Universe


And now for something completely different. While the aforementioned series deal with hard issues in a realistic, live-action format, SU is the odd one out in this bunch. It’s an animated series from Cartoon Network. But assuming you haven’t been living under a giant space rock, you may have noticed that cartoons are maturing. Steven Universe starts out fairly light-hearted, but many fans will attest to its feels-inducing episodes later on. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are the Crystal Gems, fighters who’ve made a promise to protect planet Earth. They are also the foster moms to Steven, a gem/human hybrid who’s struggling to harness his powers.

The majority of the first season is more “slice-of-life” than plot, but that’s because we’re presented to the world through the filter of Steven. It isn’t until later that the Gems let him in on the more pressing issues that things become more serious. But what’s great about the show isn’t magical powers or fighting monsters, it’s that it normalizes things that ARE normal, like single dads, queer relationships, and disagreements with friends that last more than a single episode. It also doesn’t demonize the struggles of mental health and insecurity. It’s a perfect show because the characters are so imperfect.

The Librarians


THE LITTLE SHOW THAT COULD! Continuing the world established in TNT’s Librarian movies, Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) decides to buck tradition and actually train his potential successors. Guiding the L.I.T.’s is Eve Baird, the newly inducted Guardian played by Rebecca Romijn. Resident scene stealer is John Larroquette as Jenkins: the cantankerous caretaker for the Library’s Annex has as many secrets as he does witticisms.

Season one concluded on a high: Flynn returned with a method to bring back The Library, but he played right into Dulaque’s plans to change history. Dulaque cut the Loom of Fate to restore Camelot, which launched Eve and Flynn into alternate universes where Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake each became the Librarian instead of Flynn. Eve died saving Flynn and restoring the timeline, but he managed to find the Library and revive her with an artifact.

Will we get more Flynn now that Falling Skies has concluded for Noah Wyle? Or will the focus remain on Ezekiel, Cassandra, Jake, and Eve? There’s only so much we can gather from the recent promo: interdimensional rifts, at least one Flynn appearance, TWO Jake Stones, and possibly Cthulu? I’M COUNTING THE DAYS UNTIL NOVEMBER 1ST: The Librarians airs Sundays on TNT at 8pm.

Are you as pumped as I am for murderers, gems, and libraries? Is there something else you’re counting the days until? Let me know in the comments!



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