Zeroes not Heroes–Review and Giveaway

Scott Westerfeld has a brand new book coming out September 29th, and this time he’s teamed up with two other authors–Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti. You may have heard of some of Scott Westerfeld’s other work such as Uglies and Afterworlds. Margo Lanagan is an Australian author who’s won critical acclaim for her novel Sea of Hearts, and (according to her Wikipedia page)she writes short stories and YA fiction. The final collaborator on this novel is Deborah Biancotti also from Australia who has written award winning YA short stories, including one collection that touches on super heroes.

We’ve got an extra advanced reader’s copy of the book, signed by Scott Westerfeld himself, that we would love to give to one lucky geekette! Read through to the bottom to find out how you can win.


Let me start by saying when I closed this book my only thought was this is going to be THE BEST FREAKIN’ series ever. The characters, The Zeroesimage, are infectious and I’m not even sure if they’re heroes or possibly the most lovable villains ever.

There’s Nate, code name Bellwether or behind his back “Glorious Leader,” because his power is to control and sway decisions in a group. Then there’s Ethan, code name Scam. He has “The Voice.” He has no idea where it comes from or how to control it, but when he needs something “The Voice” uses his mouth to save him. Flicker is blind, real name Riley, but she prefers her nickname. She can see through other peoples’ eyes. Even better, she can flick from person to person and see from many different perspectives. Then there’s the invisible guy; he’s not actually invisible, but for some reason no one can remember him. His name is Thibault or Anon or Anonymous. Mob, or Kelsie, can control a crowd’s emotions. Last is Chizara, code name Crash, because that’s what her power can do to an entire computer system.

Together, they have the potential for a powerful team. However, that’s something they’re going to need to work on. They haven’t spoken to each other for over a year because of a huge misunderstanding. Now Ethan is in trouble and needs the help of his friends. Unfortunately, he was the one to cause the misunderstanding, and the group is reluctant to come to his rescue. That’s how we meet this rag tag group of would-be heroes, drawing the reader into their world right from the very first page.

Why am I so pumped about this new series? Zeros has so many possibilities to be fantastic. It feels almost like a Marvel graphic novel with dubious heroes or just characters that don’t want to be superheroes. They’re just ordinary people going along in their lives without all the fuss, and for some reason they have been chosen. The three authors have done the world building, introduced the main characters and even given readers a terrific story. Now we can look forward to many amazing adventures from the Zeros!

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