Download Some Free Feminist Sci-Fi!

Rewire coverAh, three of my favorite words: feminist, sci-fi, and free. What could be better than each of these? All three together, of course! While at the Brooklyn Book Festival last weekend, I heard about this awesome opportunity to score some free e-books.

Nicole Quinn is the author of a new science fiction series called The Gold Stone Girl. The third book in the series, Rewire, is being released today! In celebration of her new release, Quinn is making her first two books available to download for free from Amazon for five days, starting now!

Its a Nightmare coverIt’s a Nightmare is the first book in The Gold Stone Girl series by Nicole Quinn. The book takes place in a far distant dystopian future in which an evil power called the Night Mare rules and women are treated as cattle or pets and valued primarily for “breeding.” Mina is born outside this system of oppression, among the few people living off-grid outside of the city. Her ability to dream–outlawed by the Night Mare–sets Mina apart and marks her as the one who may be special enough to change the course of the world.
(Be warned, though, this book contains powerful descriptions of violence and abuse that may not be to every reader’s taste.)

You can download It’s a Nightmare from Amazon for free from September 27th to October 1st!

Disbelief coverThe second book in the series is Disbelief. Book two continues the story of Mina, now exiled to a land called Disbelief–a separate dimension where the Night Mare sends her enemies. Here, Mina learns more about how the world came to be the way it is and prepares to take on the Night Mare once more by becoming the fabled Dream Weaver.

You can also download Disbelief for free from Amazon from September 27th to October 1st.

Once you’ve read these two books, be sure to check out the third–Rewire–which will be available in bookstores and online starting September 27th.


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