Bungie’s Destiny: The Taken King, a Review from a Fan

Bungie has redeemed themselves with the release of Taken King. This expansion sitting at about $40.00 provides an entirely new part of the game to look forward to with three new Strikes, a new terrifying boss named Oryx, and interesting class changes. Also not to mention you can level further and level your light up.

The trailer itself had me sold. It can be watched here.

First things first—Oryx is Crota’s dad and is really mad at you for killing Crota and taking Crota’s light. Light in this game is a life magic that is essentially coveted food for the Hive. You as a guardian have light. The class system for Hive goes from Thrall to Acolyte to Knight, then the bigger bosses, with Thrall being the lowest on the totem pole. When you kill these guys, you remove their opportunity to get light from each other. Oryx is mad that he can’t have his son’s light. Good luck with dealing with him. I won’t spoil it but what a tough level it was and very surprising to deal with.


The three new strikes provide for great fun and obstacles for a fire team. While they are difficult with a two person fire team, they are a blast and provide new maps and bad guys. I found my biggest struggle was with the giant Shank. Shanks are usually one shot kills and fairly simple. Bungie rolled out exploding shanks not too long ago, but if they get too close to you and you kill them or do not notice them, you take huge damage from their explosion. The shank for this Strike is pretty big and has guns mounted on it, as well as several electric towers and obstacles around while you’re running away from him in the room. I thought he’d be no match knowing that regular shanks are one shot kills. Nope! He’s tough and horrifying and has a weird face.


Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.
Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.

Another really cool part about the release is the fun you get to have with Cayde-6, Nathan Fillion! He voices several story missions for you to kill Oryx and how you get there. Cayde-6 makes some very funny jokes, and marks the roll out of Destiny’s “quests” section of the game. Before, you could do story missions and bounties, but there was always a small area for quests which you rarely if at all put anything in. Now we get them and we have up to 32. You get them from various people at the tower, and you go around talking to each to find out more.

Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.
Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.

New Class leveling also came with Taken King. I play a Warlocke so I get Stormcaller to use and level up. I haven’t leveled it up too much so far as I’ve had Sunsinger on to deal with the new leveling, but they do finally provide a story for you to learn how to use it and where you got it from. The Hunter class gets Nightstalker and the Titan class gets Sunbreaker. Now we’re going back to green engrams to level our gear up. They changed the system around and some of the mechanics to make certain things happen more frequently like legendary drops (purple engrams). This means we get new and improved gear for the classes, and a lot to look forward to trying (maybe another, better G-Horn rocket launcher?). They changed the way a lot of mechanics work now for better leveling, drops, and overall smooth game play.

Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.
Bungie. Destiny. The Taken King. 2015.

When it comes to Player Vs. Player, I am a total slacker.  I have not played much of it yet, but I plan to soon. There’s plenty of other story related quests that I want to try first while all the people playing Crucible blow each other up with rocket launchers.

If you weren’t sure about the game before or didn’t want to buy it because of the reviews, now is the time that it is worth it. There is so much to do and a lot of exploration available to you. Overall the story line has incredibly improved and there’s so much to look forward to. This world is huge and this game has turned into something wonderful. It started off being a child and not really being able to function and turned into a game that sometimes wrenches your emotions, makes you consider the races in the game and their struggles, scares you occasionally with big scary boss fights, and makes for a fun time with friends on a fire team or alone.


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