Six of Crows Review

Six of Crows coverIf you read Leigh Bardugo’s first series, The Grisha Trilogy, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say I didn’t want to leave that universe, and when I was done with the series all I wanted to do was go back. Well, with Six of Crows, that’s exactly what happens, we get to go back to the Grisha Universe. It doesn’t have any of the same characters, but for the record, you will fall in love with these new characters. This time we’re in Kerch, a small country that has a very seedy side by the shoreline. There are casinos run by gangs, drugs, and evil madams running houses of pleasure.

The worst criminals may be the “honest” merchants that actually run Kerch and it seems they have plans of their own to destroy the balance as it is now. There are six main characters that are part of a gang run by Kaz Brekker. He runs the Crow Club and part of the docks. The gang is hired for an impossible theft, but a whole lot of money is on the line. None of them have all that much to lose, so they agree to take the job. The novel’s chapter titles are the characters’ names and each character gives their running commentary on what’s happening at the time and a little flashback to their past and how they came to be working for Kaz Brekker.

It’s not necessary to read the first trilogy, but you will be missing a large part of the Grisha background. Plus,  you just don’t want to miss them. Although Bardugo deals with a variety of “hot” topics, this novel is appropriate for middle school and up–unless the reader has world experience, they’re not going to pick up on the innuendos and if you are, like me, a more mature reader, you don’t need all the gory details in order to know what’s going on.

I absolutely loved this book and even though I have the ARC, I really can not wait to see the actual finished copy. Of course, now begins the long wait, because the next in the trilogy will be out fall, 2016. I guess we’ll just enjoy what we have, and it certainly is a thrill to be back in the Grisha Universe.


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