New Fall 2015 TV Shows To Check Out

Now that September has rolled around, it’s hard for me to not start thinking about all the new shows I want to watch. Sure, I get excited about returning shows too, but it’s the potential of finding a new favorite that really makes me love the season (well, that and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite part of fall). Without further ado, I present to you my list of new shows I am excited for in fall 2015!

Supergirl (Mondays 8:30pm, CBS)

Premieres Oct. 26

Despite some initial concerns about the show from the first trailer, reviewers who saw the whole first episode insist that the trailer wasn’t an accurate representation of the show’s tone. After being such a fan of Arrow and The Flash, I’m excited we’re finally getting a superhero show with a female lead.


Angel From Hell (Thursdays 9:30pm, CBS)

Premieres Nov. 5

I’m not someone who usually watches many comedy shows, but this one has Jane Lynch, so I’ll be making an exception. She shows up claiming to be the wacky guardian angel of straight-laced Allison (Maggie Lawson), and if the trailer is any clue – hilarity and touching moments ensue.


Heroes Reborn (Thursdays 8pm, NBC)

Premieres Sept. 24

I never actually watched all of the original Heroes series – I think I reached a point where too many of my favorite characters had been killed or turned evil. But I always enjoyed the concept of the series so this “reboot,” set a couple years after the end of the original series, may well bring me back to the show.


Scream Queens (Tuesdays 9pm, Fox)

Premieres Sept. 22

The premiere is actually at 8pm to allow for a two-hour premiere, but the show will regularly air at 9pm. Ryan Murphy’s newest creation, Scream Queens is a horror-comedy about a sorority and a serial killer, and it has an amazing cast, including Emma Roberts, Jamie-Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, and many, many others.


Minority Report (Mondays 9pm, Fox)

Premieres Sept. 21

A sequel to the 2002 film, the setting is 2065 Washington D.C. – 11 years after the Pre-Crime Unit was dismantled. One of the Precogs, Dash, teams up with a Detective to help stop crimes before they happen. Science-fiction action, and probably a little bit of a crime procedural thrown in means I am definitely planning to check this show out.


Quantico (Tuesdays 10pm, ABC)

Premieres Sept. 27

Honestly there are probably a million ways this show could go horribly, horribly wrong. FBI trainees make their way through the training academy, and a flash forward reveals that one of them goes on to be accused of masterminding a terrorist attack. The lead actress is Priyanka Chopra, a top Bollywood actress, and the main reason I’m going to give this show a chance.


Flesh and Bone (Sundays 9pm, Starz)

Premieres Nov. 8

This is technically a miniseries, as they’ve already announced there will be only the one season. Flesh and Bone is something along the lines of Center Stage and Black Swan… but leaning a little more in the Black Swan direction. The series will follow a young dancer, Claire, as she makes her way into the ranks of the competitive (and fictional) American Ballet Company.

Which shows are you excited for, Geekettes? Let us know in the comments!


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