Fall Game Titles I am Looking Forward to: Highlighting Indie Games!

The summer is the hardest time to be a gamer, for me. I like to be outside a lot, and I budget for outdoor adventures like kayaking and hiking instead of games. Now that the weather has turned here in New England, I am starting to see my weekend time consumed with games and working on my Warhammer 40K army again. Hooray!

So far, I’ve seen a few games I can budget for this Fall. I’ve highlighted some of the exciting ones at the top of my list.

  1. Bungie’s Destiny: Taken King Expansion-Releasing Sept. 15, 2015

From Destiny’s Official Youtube Channel

If you’ve seen my posts, you know I love Destiny even though it periodically annoys me when I get kicked and the original content was not fantastic. It gave me a chance to socialize in a gaming world, and it was a game I spent playing with my significant other and friends. I have recommended it several times even though many reviews makes it seem like a horrible game. With each expansion, it has gotten better both mechanically and the story line has improved.

I have high expectations for this particular expansion because of the footage they released, the amount of money we are spending for it, and the fact that Bungie has improved the story line with other expansions they made for the game.

This expansion comes with entirely new weapons, new sub-classes for each class (Titan, Hunter, or Warlock). The Taken King is out to get you because you killed Crota, his son, previously in the game. He is seeking revenge on you, and the game challenges you to fight him. This new segment of the game has new story line information and new challenges that are expected to be awesome, difficult, and interesting. I am looking forward to the new weapons because they do not appear to be just guns. The trailer shows a hunter using a bow and arrow, Warlocks get Force Lighting, and Titans get a solar hammer. This should be great—but I am not preordering. I do not want to download an expansion that does not work or run when I expect to. As of my previous experience with these big name games, I am not handing them money until I see results: I’ll check out the subreddit for this game before I download it to my console to make sure it works well enough.

  1. 343 Studios Halo 5: Guardians—Releasing October 27

From Halo Follower’s Youtube page

Admittedly I do not know a lot about Halo 5 yet. I know that Master Chief has become an enemy, and he is being hunted by Agent Locke, who appeared in Halo Nightfall. I am looking forward to this game because I love Halo.

This game will be something new for the Halo fans, and definitely puts a spin on our usual heroic Master Chief. There are a lot of speculation posts out, but no definite information aside from the fact that you play as Agent Locke a bit, several Spartans are from ODST, and that Chief is being hunted. We’re under the presumption that Chief is just trying to repair Cortana, but the trailers lead further in than just that.

So far I’ve seen Covenant ships in the trailers, The Arbitor chasing around the Covenant on the side, while potentially helping Locke find Chief, and there’s mention of Prometheans in the E3 Campaign Demo.

Again, this is not a game I’ll preorder—notice a trend? As much as I want to support big names right now, I only want to buy a game that runs well and is console ready, not broken on the home screen. With Master Chief Collection, players spent a long time looking at the dashboard, not being able to play. So this will be another game that I check out online reviews before buying.

  1. Indie Games on Steam

Forgive me, but this will require a lot more research. I want to start shedding light on smaller game companies really trying to make a good game. Steam makes it really possible to download small games for small amounts of money to support the creators. I’ve said that I am done preordering big name games because they keep releasing unfinished games with way too many glitches and issues, and using their names to make the sale. I’d rather spend that preorder money on smaller games trying to improve. So my big focus this fall will be to play some small indie games, review them, and also try to contact the creators for suggestions. I have a deep love for people trying to work hard to make their art a reality. Game creators try so hard for you to be able to play something, immerse yourself in it, be challenged, make friends, etc. that it is completely worth it for me to work with them and to learn about myself and my style as well. I appreciate the work that goes into a game, and I think its important to see where all the big names come from!

If you play them, call them out in the comments sections so I know what to check out!


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