Mike Madrid’s Trinity

The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

Mike Madrid writes in celebration of the female presences, origins, development, transformation, and transitions from the inception of comic books. All contributions by this vehement advocate are necessary for your collection. The heroines, villainesses, and any intrepid characters in the in-between he was exposed to as a child and beyond are related in this inclusive book. With a lifetime of love and passion, Madrid systematically and chronologically goes through the history of female characters in comics. These characters enthrall Mike Madrid, as he was continually beckoned back to the sequential narratives. With a fine tooth comb he describes, acknowledges, imparts, and analyzes the brazen, fighting, empowered females of modern mythos with an honest and respectful voice.

Divas, Dames, and Daredevils: Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics Compiled and annotated by Mike Madrid

Rare and obscure describes the Divas, Dames, and Daredevils of the Golden Age perfectly in Madrid’s assembled collections. Out of print or packaged, with the seal of authenticity never to be broken, Madrid gives these characters the opportunity for the immortality they deserve. The lost heroines of the golden age are an arrangement of progressive, strongly written, combatant, intelligentsia, and empowered female characters. Showcasing the effective wide scope and range of these heroines, Madrid once again shows the transition  of the storytelling and focused idiosyncrasy of each time period, which is embodied and then projected in the comics. Nor does Madrid mince words as he acknowledges the equality possessed by the characters of the Golden Age. The heroines portrayed in these stories are re-energized. I hope with the resurgence and ideology of current comics, female portrayal will attribute to this period and further than.Divas Dames %26 Daredevils

Vixens, Vamps, and Vipers Lost Villainesses of Golden Age Comics Compiled and Annotated by Mike Madrid

Villainesses have no restraints. Fan favorite, villains’ ability for better or worse can surpass their heroic counterparts. A majority of villainesses do not possess powers. However the lack of such phenomena does not hinder them. Undaunted and goal oriented our Vixen, Vamps, and Vipers utilized their brains. The intelligence and pure unadulterated evil can be seen in the comics. These villainesses’ antics or driven agendas are surprising to find in the initiation of comics. In the golden age of comics, these lost villainesses were represented as dynamic and independent of censorship and allowed to obtain their malicious perceptive at any means. Now these vixens, vamps, and vipers were not derived of stereotypes or negative portraits. They also show women in power and capable of villainy that would not be influenced in comics for some time after.51uW--9ML8L

Mike Madrid captures the spirited of comic books and their female characters in his writings. His understandings of the medium and its limitless possibilities are more than apparent.


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