Theater Thursday: The Best Productions Coming to Broadway Fall 2015

The weather is cooling down, the apple cider is heating up, Broadway is singing the tunes of autumn and many new productions coming this Fall 2015 season. Which are the most dramatic and the most interesting? With so many opening in the following months, it is hard to chose the best and brightest, but here is a breakdown of the ones yours truly is most excited for.


Spring Awakening

Yeah, I was a Spring Awakening kid. Granted, I can’t say this show has remained in my top 5 favorites or anything since its 2006 debut, but it definitely is an important piece of theater. From the stars it created (Lea Michelle, Jonathan Groff) to the songs it made immortal (“The B**ch of Living” anyone?) this was a special show, and it is about to get even more so come this Broadway season, thanks to the people at Deaf West. Yep, that’s right, this is a musical performed by a deaf cast, along with the help of singers and choreography with sign language. It tells a story of maturity and loss, a tale which won the Tony almost 10 years ago. To say this is a production not to be missed is an understatement, for sure.


The Color Purple

I’ll be honest in that I’ve never seen the musical adaptation of the The Color Purple. I’ve heard some of the music, which I think is absolutely stunning, and the movie is among one of my favorites from Steven Spielberg. But because I was a bit younger at the time when the show was on the Great White Way, I never got the chance to experience it (meaning I missed a chance to see my beloved Anika Noni Rose in person *sigh*). But now a revival of the Tony Award-nominated musical is coming back to Broadway, starring Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo. Bring on the feels, girls, bring them on.



Do you love George Takei? Lea Salonga? Then obviously you wanna see Allegiance. But on a serious note, this is a production that is incredibly important, for it tells a story that has often been sidelined in the world of Broadway. Depicting the struggles of Japanese Americans during World War II, this highly praised musical (which had a very successful West Coast run last year) takes elements of Takei’s own life and brings them beautifully to the stage. Could this be the big Tony possibility of the Fall season? Time will tell. Could it change the history of theater? There’s a definite chance.


Dames at Sea

This season, as you might have noticed, many of the musicals offered are of the drama genre. But with Dames at Sea, we have ourselves a comedy, specifically a parody of 1930’s big budget musicals, à la Busby Berkeley’s famous films. With a cast of Broadway vets, including recent heavy hitter Lesli Margherita from Broadway’s Matilda, this is sure to be one funny night at the theater. And heck, it’s gonna be in the Helen Hayes, which could also lead to some hilarity if you know how small that theater is.

So what are you planning to see this Fall 2015 season? Are you obsessed with only getting Hamilton lottery tickets, or willing to try one of these new productions? Do you have your tissues ready for all these dramas? Comment below with your favorites!


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