How to be a Harry Potter Fan as an Adult

The Harry Potter generation has now hit their twenties, and whether we like it or not, this effects what we want out of our fandom. Although we are often the first to stand up and disagree when someone calls Harry Potter “just a children’s book,” there are some aspects of the fandom that are specifically geared towards kids, and sometimes you just feel out of place there as an adult. But there are ways to keep the fandom alive and be a grown-up at the same time. Read more for the Geekettes’ tips on how to HP as an adult!

*Note: “The Harry Potter Generation” refers to anyone who grew up as the books and films were coming out. It is not used to represent any particular Harry Potter fandom, but geeks who feel Harry Potter is part of their lives. You know who you are.

Me reading a Harry Potter book at a steampunk convention with Kayla.
Me reading a Harry Potter book at a steampunk convention with Kayla.

Carly: Even as an eleven-year-old, Harry Potter inspired me to have some pretty deep conversations and to execute some intense literary analysis. When I got into college, specifically a college known for its nerdiness and geekery, I was super excited to see what more intellectual adventures I could get up to with fellow Harry Potter fans. However, when I joined the resident Wizards & Muggles club, I was disappointed to learn that they spend most of their meetings reading bad HP fanfiction aloud or taking buzzfeed quizzes. Even when I tried to start some deep discussions, I realized I didn’t have anything to say. I felt like everything had already been said before, and with no new books coming out, there was no longer this drive to piece together bits of puzzle left behind in the previous books, which fueled most of the debates I had loved years before. I needed a new way to relate to the Harry Potter fandom, and this college club wasn’t cutting it.

Kayla: My nerdy boyfriend and I moved in together just over a year ago. I just got my first full time job. Transitioning from a college student and a geek to being an “adult” and being a geek is not easy. I don’t have Fridays off anymore, so I can’t travel far for conventions. Adulthood brings “serious” furniture and dishware, solid colors and floral patterns. Boyfriend and I have been making an effort to figure out how to be grown up geeks, without being tacky. Harry Potter is a major love for both of us that we’ve incorporated into our home.

Here are some of our favorite ways to continue to make Harry Potter a big part of our lives as adults.

1. Use your grown-up resources to put together a really unique and hi-quality cosplay to wear at conventions. No more tacky wizard costumes from Party City for you!

Pro-quality cosplay by Vladimir Snape of Photo by Anna Heireth.
Pro-quality cosplay by Vladimir Snape of Photo by Anna Heireth.

2. Pay forward the magic Harry Potter added to your childhood by getting involved with HP-related charites like Lumos, which helps underprivileged children in institutions, and HP Alliance, which engages in multiple projects related to equality, human rights, and literacy.

HPPartyCandles3. Have a subtle HP-themed wedding. I’ve got weddings on my mind as I’m currently bridesmaiding for a Disney-themed wedding. It is possible to include the works that shaped your childhood into your big day, but it takes some finesse and restraint to keep it mature and sophisticated, rather than tacky and suspiciously reminiscent of a grade-schooler’s birthday party. Some ideas include tables themed as Hogwarts houses (sort your friends!), wedding invites that look like the Marauder’s Map (We solemnly swear that we are up to no good), snitches on your wedding cake, and much much more, just check pinterest.

4. Decorate your home with minimal Harry Potter touches. Just like having an HP wedding, if you go overboard here, it’s not going to work. If you have a wand or two, buy a nice display case. My wand is on display, and I keep my wand box on my bookshelf. It holds all of my bookmarks. Make or buy a light switch that says Lumos at the top and Nox on the bottom. Etsy is your friend here. Harry Potter art is also a really nice touch. Artists such as Megan Lara and Karen Hallion have their own shops and sell beautiful HP art. The trick here is you have to frame it.

Harry Christmas5. If decorating all year isn’t for you, have an HP Christmas every year. Christmas is so important in the books, and it’s so easy to replicate in the muggle world. Christmas is already magical. Theme your tree with Harry Potter ornaments such as golden snitches, winged keys, owls, and potion bottles. Instead of serving eggnog at parties, serve a warm butterbeer. Buy Bertie Bot’s Every Flavored Beans and Chocolate Frogs to put in stockings.

6. One of the most monumental parts of adulthood is that your friends (or you) get married and start having babies. To ensure the next generation never has to go a single day without Harry Potter, gift a copy of Sorcerer’s Stone at all baby showers. If a really close friend is having a baby, you could go all out and buy a boxed set. It’s a very heartfelt and thoughtful gift, and the child will get way more years of literacy out of Harry Potter than they will from Goodnight Moon.


Becoming an adult is no easy task, and maintaining your love of fandom is even more difficult. We hope that our tips for immersing your life in Harry Potter will help!

Are you a Harry Potter generation grown up? How do you incorporate HP in your life? Share stories or pictures in the comments!


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