Harry Potter and the Sustainable Legacy

Like so many others, when my Hogwarts letter failed to come, I begrudgingly accepted it. I supplemented my access to the Harry Potter universe in a variety of media. Celebrating Hogwarts and her amalgamation of characters in a surplus of fandom. I have no lack of resources. il_570xN.298284321

Our connections to its story and characters are palpable and however awesome any transformation may be, it’s always best to get it from the source, which leads to my recent resurgent into the magical world through Pottermore. Clearly late to the party (the website was published in 2009), my dreams (along with my collective compatriots’)  are answered. Welcome my friend to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The in-depth website from J.K. Rowling herself allows players to interact within the universe, offering exclusive stories and immersion in to the Harry Potter universe.


The draw of Pottermore is its interaction and the format which has the ability to establish fantasy to reality. This is no Quizilla or Buzzfeed; this is the ultimate in satisfaction, as your results come from the roots of the whomping willow. I waisted no time in starting my journey as a first year student in order to find out what type of wand I would posses or what house I would be sorted into. Straight to Gringotts I went and discovered I had  500 galleons in the bank. Set up with the gold I venture to the south and north side of Diagon Alley. Explore the shops which house your favorite wizarding objects. However, you only really need to acquire two things before heading to the great hall to be sorted. A pet and a wand. So I quickly went to the Magical Menagerie and chose a barn owl who I named Giovanni. Then to Ollivander’s where the wand chose me after a series of questions. I gained a hawthorn with phoenix feather 10 and 3 quarter and surprisingly swishy.


The vast database of Rowling’s own design smartly keeps her international bestseller relevant (although there is no need) and welcomes new fans. Undoubtably, what you what to know is what house you will be in.  I was so ready to don my true colors as I headed to the great hall. The sorting is done with a series of questions clearly created  to determine where your personality interlocks with the characteristics of the founders’ houses. The questions are in no way misleading, so you may perceive your answer is an accurate portrayal. Courtesy of Pottermore I’ve become canon at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Proud to be a Hufflepuff, my badass new status is the opportunity to explore the developing universe. I can contribute and be immersed in the history of magic, spells, and house points. You get to live in the massive and dedicated fandom. This is why we appreciate this world and its impact of storytelling.Pottermore_background_the_sorting_ceremony

Harry Potter is one of the greats. An instant standard in collections, the story is a defining act in our childhood. The wizarding world gave us a contemporary classic. It seems we have only scratch the surface of what this narrative can achieve. What we can get out of it will never be enough: the power of literature and its never ending experience. The book series, the movie series, any additions such as fan fiction, fan art, musicals, and vacation spots.  This sustainable fandom is countlessly being built up  as the fans and J.K. Rowling herself continue to add to the Harry Potter universe. The magnitude of Harry Potter and the wizarding world is ensured to continue to influence. It has only just begun.


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