“My Immortal”: Harry Potter Fan Fiction Keeping the Love Alive


Happy Harry Potter week! For this celebratory week, Brianna and I will be talking about a Fan Fiction very close to my heart. This Fan Fiction is “My Immortal.” This Fan Fiction is infamous. Infamous for being hilariously bad. So bad that it’s amazing.

“My Immortal” is a story about a young girl named Ebony. Her full name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and she clarifies that she is in no way related to Gerard Way but she wishes she was because he’s hot. Ebony’s name changes throughout the Fan Fiction as well as many of the other characters. Throughout the entire fic, Ebony is referred to as Enoby, Ebory, and much more. Other characters with new names include Vampire Potter, B’loody Mary, Loopin, Hargirid, Snap and Drago. Ebony is not only a witch, but a Vampire. In this very strange version of Hogwarts, Ron is barely mentioned and all the other characters are goth, vampire versions of themselves.

The plot of this fic gets a little lost — and by a little I mean there’s barely any. Drago takes Enoby to a My Chemical Romance concert and they have sex in The Forbidden Forest only to get caught by Dumbledore who curses them out, until, of course, they tell Snape that they love each other it all becomes okay. This is followed by Voldemort asking Ebony to kill Harry but she doesn’t want to because Vampire is a nice person even though he had a fling with Draco — a fling that resulted in a cliche heart tattoo.

Most people do not finish reading “My Immortal” because they feel that they get enough within the first few chapters. I haven’t read the entire thing but I’ve read up until the gunfight with the core characters, as well as Sirius and Remus. The grammar in this fan fiction is undeniably awful and spelling is atrocious, but I think my favorite thing about it is the author’s notes that come along with the story. The author, Tara Gilebsie, seemed to realize that people weren’t having the best reaction to her writing or her characters. Her spelling is much worse in these defensive and sometimes offensive notes, but they are very entertaining.

I can’t explain how awful this Fan Fiction is and also how much I love it. I share it with everyone I know and, occasionally, go back for another read so I encourage anyone who hasn’t read it to do so. I’m not the only one who loved this fic. It has inspired many other creative projects.


I have a friend who has willingly read ALL the chapters of “My Immortal” more than once. Alas, I do not share his or Deanna’s mettle; I’ve never been able to get past the first few chapters, even for a dramatic reading with friends. But I have mad love for the (My) Immortal Web Series by Mediajunkie Studios, which you can find on YouTube and Vimeo. (Because of copyright reasons, the first episode is frequently blocked by YouTube, but it’s always available on Vimeo).

(MY) IMMORTAL : THE WEB SERIES Episode 1 “Enoby Darkness Way” from MyImmortalSeries on Vimeo.

Responses to (My) Immortal tend to follow this pattern if you watch long enough: 1) OMG THIS EXISTS?! 2) Haha, so bad! 3) ASDFASDFASDF you guys took something awful and made it amazing!

The production quality of the first season isn’t perfect, but that becomes part of the campy charm. Now if, for some reason, you’re a My Immortal purist, then yes, you may be disappointed by this series. Ebony, whose name was frequently misspelled in the original anyway, is officially Enoby, and her goff (goth) look differs from that described in the first chapter. But if you’re into an HP-verse adaptation with lots of references to the epically bad fic, THEN THIS IS TOTALLY THE SERIES FOR YOU. Snap & Loopin, McGoggle, Vladymart, Hargrid, they’re all here!

The beauty of the (My) Immortal is that it takes an utterly ridiculous story and somehow finds a way to hit at intellectual issues, like cross-sectional feminism, queer representation, and identity.

Deep-down Enoby’s a nerd who cares way too much about how the world perceives her. She rationalizes her interests as things that are too dark and cool for lesser people to understand. Hermione, Harry, Viktor Krum, and Yaxley are all people of color. There are more gay and bisexual characters than there are hetero ones: this series has me shipping Harry/Draco and actually questioning whether I ship Hermione/Ron or Hermione and…well, spoilers.

“But…I always get what I want!” – Hermione comforts Enoby the first time she doesn’t.

Enoby and Hermione is arguably the most important relationship in the series. Enoby is quite mean to Hermione at the start because Hermione is content with herself and doesn’t care about “goff” things. Episode 5 is the start of an actual friendship, when Hermione comforts a heartbroken Enoby. And it’s only through their teamwork that Voldemort and his daughter, Violet, are thwarted.

Season two you really get to see how their relationship progresses, and I just love it. Hermione brings out a more sensitive side to Enoby, and she brings out Hermione’s courage. It’s women supporting women despite their differences, and we need a hell of a lot more of that.


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