City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta Book Review

City of Fae by New Adult author Pippa DaCosta is not your average urban fairytale. While it does take place in London (or, at times, under it), and it does involve a smoking hot fae rockstar, it doesn’t quite follow your typical paranormal romance formula. You see, down-on-her luck reporter Alina O’Connor has a secret so dark even she doesn’t know it. Life as she knows it comes to an end when she accidently breaks the Trinity Rules by touching deviant rock star Sovereign in the subway station. Or is it just beginning?

CityofFaeI had the fortune of meeting Pippa DaCosta at an unofficial blogger and author meet-up at Book Expo America. She came equipped with bookmarks and postcards of her books, and I was immediately struck by the vivid colors of City of Fae’s cover. The fact that it was about faeries sealed the deal, as if you haven’t noticed, they are kind of my thing. Pippa was marvelously friendly in person, and I was intrigued to see what kind of story would have such an approachable author and enticing cover.

City of Fae is a New Adult Urban Fantasy novel that simultaneously follows the tropes of the faerie genre while also doing something rather new with it. Ever since the fae came out to the general population, London society has developed three rules to protect its citizens from their entrancing touch: Look, but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t feel. Feel, but never ever love. Break these rules and you may find yourself enthralled to one of the fae who feed off human energy. Alina knows these rules well but finds herself disobeying them when she encounters the infamous Sovereign, lead singer of Touched sitting disheveled in the London Underground. Before she knows it, she is sucked into his world of dying Fae leaders, a mysteriously ominous High Queen, and being pursued by the Fae Authority. Yet this isn’t your typical human-girl-meets-dangerous-but-sexy-faerie-boy love story. Alina herself may actually be the more dangerous of the two. Not only must she fight the apparently magic-induced attraction she begins to feel for Reign, she must also fight her own nature if they are both to get through this adventure alive.

The novel maintains a fine balance between action and romance, with a plot twist or two to keep you on your toes. The writing is compelling and the characters likeable. Overall, if you love the dark side of fae and are looking for something that breaks the genre’s mold but doesn’t stray too far from it, I recommend this book.

City of Fae  was released in May 2015. It is available for purchase on, Bloomsbury’s website, Amazon, and Apple iBooks.

This book was received from the author & Bloomsbury for a fair and unbiased review.


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