2015 Women World Cup Champions First to Ride Along the Canyon of Heroes

On July 5, in front of a crowd of over 53,000 and 26 million viewers at the FIFA 2015 World Cup, the United States Women’s soccer team trounced the Japanese women 5-2. After barely defeating England, Japan made an even poorer showing against the USA. In the first three minutes of this amazing game, Carli Lloyd scores on a corner kick from Megan Rapinoe and then within minutes she does it again. With a score of 2 – 0 and 14 minutes into the game Lauren Holiday scores allowing the USA women to go ahead by 3 goals. The real thrill came when Carli Lloyd scores again for a hat-trick, the first hat trick in women’s World Cup history.


Disappointingly, at twenty-seven minutes in, Hope Solo gives up the first goal of their World Cup appearances. Japan made two replacements even before half time and still remained 3 points behind going into the second half. At the second half, 51:30 Japan scores again trying to overtake the US–but it was not to be, because Tobin in Heath gets a goal to bring the score to 5 – 2. This was the highest scoring women’s match in World Cup Final history. Christie Rapone made history when she came in 86 minutes into the game replacing Alex Morgan. Rapone was the oldest player on the team who also played on the 1999 World Cup championship team, the last time the US won. The Silver Boot and Golden Ball went to Carli Lloyd, and Hope Solo earned the Golden Glove for her awesome goal keeping. It’s a very exciting time for USA Women’s Soccer!imageimage







Yesterday, Deanna and I had the opportunity to see the first female sports team honored by a ticker tape parade along New York’s Canyon of Heroes. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer got the ball rolling when on Monday she sent a letter to Mayor De Blasio, asking for a “special parade” for the world champions (SOURCE). So yesterday, on a beautiful clear day, the streets were lined 10 deep with people from all over the area. There were many young girls and many of them from soccer teams themselves. All there to support their heroes, yelling “USA, USA!” The parade started at 11:00 AM and followed Wall Street to City Hall Park. The excitement built up into wild chanting and screaming. It was a great day for soccer, its fans and women and girls who play the sport. We hope this championship team and this exposure they’re receiving will help to boost women soccer here in the US.







The atmosphere at the parade was one like none I’ve ever seen. There was so much pride in the women who represent our country! I noticed the outstanding amount of young girls and women there, but also the quality of girls’ soccer teams present to support the U.S. team. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate these strong, amazing women and all they have accomplished. The parade may have been short but it was worth three hours of standing in the hot sun to be a part of history and be so connected to all the people around me. This wasn’t just a celebration of an accomplishment in sports but an acknowledgement in women. The best women’s soccer team in the world. Next I’d like to see them take on the men’s team.
The whole day was exciting and historical as the U.S. Women’s Soccer team paraded through New York City to celebrate everything they’ve earned and worked so hard for. I will never forget this amazing day.


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