Ellen Page Prepares to Become “Lioness”


Ellen Page, who is currently working with former Juno co-star, Allison Janney, on the indie comedy drama, Tallulah, has just signed on to portray real-life US Marine Lance Corporal Leslie Martz in the war drama, Lioness.

Leslie Martz, a US Marine who was stationed in Hadith, Iraq, was sent to Afghanistan as the leader of a ‘Female Engagement Team.’ In addition to her task to gain the trust of Afghan women by providing them with necessary tools for their own independence, Martz was also ordered to covertly extract information about the women’s Taliban husbands.

In the midst of this task, Martz becomes torn between the allegiance she has to her country and the sympathy she feels for the women she is surreptitiously betraying. In addition to fighting this personal battle, she also attempts to hide her own identity as a gay woman in the military.

Although Lioness doesn’t have a director listed yet, screenwriter Rosalind Ross is said to be joining James Dahl as a producer.

In addition to Lioness and Tallulah, Page will also be seen in the upcoming sci-fi drama, Into the Forest, and same-sex civil rights drama, Freeheld, opposite Julianne Moore and Michael Shannon. (SOURCE)


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