Elektra-fying Casting: Élodie Yung Joins Daredevil Season Two

the greek girlIt was already an exciting week for Daredevil fans – filming of season two commenced, as actors Charlie Cox and Elden Henson were spotted in East Harlem as Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. Now we can officially look forward to our favorite avocadoes-at-law and…what’s this? A blast from their past?

In a season one flashback to their college days, Foggy gave Matt some good-natured ribbing about enrolling in Spanish just to be near a certain “Greek girl”. Keen-eared fans instantly caught the reference to Elektra Natchios, an anti-heroine known for her martial arts skills as well as her tumultuous relationship with Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

That easter egg is about to pay off: Élodie Yung joins the cast as the much-anticipated Elektra.


Speculation and spoilers for Comics-verse Elektra below the cut.

While I haven’t seen Élodie Yung act for myself, here’s what I do know: she’s a woman of color (French and Cambodian descent) with a black belt in karate and a law degree. For her physically demanding role as Jinx in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, she spent a month on cardiovascular exercises and training in Wushu for dual sword fighting.


Elektra’s casting description doesn’t give much to speculate upon: “A mysterious woman from Matt Murdock’s past whose dangerous and exotic ways may be more than he can handle.”  As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,  there’s no way to know what backstory will be maintained from the comics and what will be changed. But Elektra tends to have a huge chip on her shoulder due to the death of her father at the hands of terrorists.

She trained under Stick for a time before joining the more insidious Hand organization, then struck out on her own as a bounty hunter. You may remember that Stick was also Matt’s mentor who appeared in episode seven. Is Elektra part of Matt’s future that Stick discusses with the mysterious Stone at the end of that episode, or will she cross paths with her ex under orders from Wilson Fisk?

In the comics, Elektra works for Kingpin (Fisk) as his chief assassin until she’s ordered to (GASP) kill Foggy. Even though season one concluded with Fisk’s capture, his lover Vanessa got away. Unlike her comic counterpart, Vanessa believes in Fisk’s goals. Could she be responsible for bringing Elektra to Hell’s Kitchen? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


….The only downside to this whole thing is waiting until 2016 to find out!

Got your own thoughts on the Elektra casting? Or maybe a crazy theory? Daily Geekette wants to hear it!

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