Threadworlds: A Sci-Fi Fantasy from Brian Konietzko

Looks like it’s back to work for Brian Konietzko! One half of the creative duo behind Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, Konietzko just announced his next project:  Threadworlds, a graphic novel following aspiriting scientist Nova as she sets off on an adventure to explore the universe.


As Konietzko told Entertainment Weekly:  “I definitely wasn’t aiming to be topical, but […] I knew it was important to me to have a young girl as the main character. This is basically Nova’s long origin story as scientific superhero. I hope she’ll be inspiring to readers of all genders and ages, but especially girls who are interested in studying and pursuing science.”


Aside from Nova venturing off into a universe where five planets share a single orbit, we know very little about the story at this time. Konietzko is playing it close to the vest when it comes to details about his graphic novel debut. Like his previous animated works, Theadworlds “has high-stakes, relatable characters, and a wide range of tones” that appeal to an audience of all ages  (SOURCE).

Konietzko is handling both the writing and illustration, at least for the two volumes. Threadworlds will be debut in 2017 from First Second Books.


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