Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: Break-Up Lessons

Long time, no see, my dear readers. Simulcast Corner has been on a bit of a hiatus. Some of it can be boiled down to time, while the majority comes from personal issues. As you can tell from the title, this isn’t going to be the regular anime report you’re used to, nor a review of any sort. This is the kind of article I don’t write too often, but I feel it is important and maybe someone going through the same thing will appreciate reading it.

This past month has all been about a dramatic shift in my life, in which a long term relationship I had has now ended. It was mutual, and not as dramatic as many break-ups are known to be, but it still wasn’t easy. It was a journey that has now ended, but a new one can begin. But for those looking for some sort of media comfort in such a difficult time, here is what I recommend:


Take a Moment to Cry

Many people have different ways of dealing with the loss of something. Whether it be through anger, laughter, or whatever else, we’re all allowed to chose how we cope with change. But sometimes, we are taught that crying is the weakest and most pointless of all those reactions, and that we should hide from it. I absolutely think that crying, especially during a break-up, is not a sign of weakness, but can sometimes be the most therapeutic release of all. Sometimes they can be happy tears over the mutual understanding of your departure, or they can be out of sadness that everything is coming to a close. But like the tears shown in Miyazaki’s films, which range from gigantic and huge, to beautiful and delicate, everyone should be allowed to cry in the way they want to, and not feel ashamed of it. If it helps, then don’t be afraid to let the water works flow.


You Can Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Utena is a character that I hold dear to my heart for a multitude of reasons. Whether you watch the anime, movie, or read the manga, Utena is a strong-willed character, who even on her own never lets her guard down and always stands up for herself, even in the worst of circumstances. If there ever is a role model to look up to during a break-up, Utena certainly would be one. She shows that you can be yourself, even after people have beaten you down senselessly to make you forget who you truly are. Break-ups can feel like that, as if every aspect of the relationship has come back to get you, rose-covered battle or not. But Utena never backs down, and neither should you in this time of crisis. Be the Rose Prince/Princess you are, and never give up.


Do That Thing You Love That You Couldn’t Do Before

One of the positives of a break-up is doing all those things that used to annoy your significant other, without them being in your personal space to judge you for such activities. For example, you could now have a marathon of that show that they never enjoyed, without them side-eyeing you throughout the episodes. Or you can dance obnoxiously like Yukino in Kare Kano, or be like Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi and eat all those foods they hated. The world if your buffet, literally and metaphorically speaking–go eat that cake and watch Fruits Basket too!


Look At All Your Options

If the Reverse Harem genre has taught me anything, it is that you are always allowed to have options, and that is never something to be ashamed of. Though it has taken me a while to get into this specific mindset, I feel that taking things slow and meeting different people before deciding on one to focus on is perfectly acceptable. It allows you to find out things better about those individuals before you put all your eggs in their basket, and also gives you a chance to have fun while not feeling completely pressured into a solo situation. If only I could find a boy band group like STARISH to wine and dine me in my single stage….


Find The Power Inside You

Yes, I know, that title sounds beyond cheesy, but it is true. Breaking up with someone can cause you to really evaluate a lot of aspects of your life. For me, it took a lot of courage to realize that what I was doing (a.k.a. staying with this person) was not healthy for either of us, and I was worth a lot more than I was giving myself credit for. It isn’t about finding someone that fills that gap in your heart, it’s about you filling that gap on your own. The relationship you have with yourself is one that you can never “split” with, and it may never be perfect. But before you allow someone else to come into your life, take a moment to tell yourself that you are important, that you matter. That’s when you can defeat Queen Beryl, and rule the Moon Kingdom like a boss.

Hopefully those words of anime inspired wisdom help you along the way. Have you been through a break-up recently? Has anime helped you get through those dark times? Comment below with your anime related break-up advice. 


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