Alleluiah! The Devil’s Carnival 2 Trailer and Tour Dates are Finally Up!

After years of patiently waiting, fans of The Devil’s Carnival are rejoicing at the announcement of the release of the second movie’s trailer and tour dates. Alleluiah!: The Devil’s Carnival will pick up where the first move left off so long ago, with Lucifer declaring a war on Heaven. The salvation of the characters in the first movie was all part of his design, and in this installment, we will get to see his full battle plan, as well as the setting of Heaven as the creators envision it. The movie will go on tour this August. Continue reading for more details. 

DevilsCarnivalDynamic duo Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich have done it again. They’ve put their genius minds together to come up with another cult-worthy movie with a star-studded cast.

Paul Sorvino will play God, whom we only got a glimpse of last movie, but who will play a much larger part this time around. Emilie Autumn will reprise her role as the Painted Doll (squee!). Jimmy Urine, lead singer of the band Mindless Self Indulgence, Adam Pascal, Broadway star of Rent, German favorite David Hasslehoff, and rapper Tech N9ne will all play new characters. Check out the trailer to see if there are any other big names you recognize:

The jazzy tune at the end of the trailer totally makes me want to dance. The music is always my favorite part of anything Terrence Zdunich is involved in. I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack of this one! It seems like the discord of Hell is being opposed by jazz in Heaven, an extremely unconventional choice that only this team could come up with, but will make such a poignant statement.

If this tour is anything like the first one, the film will be shown at select movie theaters across the country before being released on DVD. It will be accompanied by the director and producer, and often some special members of the cast. Check the link here to see when they are coming to a city near you and buy tickets.


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