Bungie’s Destiny House of Wolves Expansion–Will I really have to buy this AGAIN?!

Bungie continuously keeps me hooked with their Destiny expansions even while I may be disappointed in their Fall release and have to possibly re-purchase the whole game. Each one releases more story lines, more challenges, and interesting plot twists. House of Wolves, so far, is the most impressive of the two they released. While they made it impossible for players to participate with friends if they did not buy the expansion, the expansion included brand new challenges to appeal to the mood you’re in that day.

Sunsinger Warlocke Class in Destiny PvP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8jA_woDyvo
Sunsinger Warlocke Class in Destiny PvP

Bungie made it possible for you to pick between three different instances of player versus player, including Iron Banner, Crucible, and and Trials of Osiris. They gave you new vendors at the Vestian Outpost, in the Reef. They also gave you several things to do with your fire team, like run around and eliminate Wolves in patrol mode and do bounties for killing Captains and elites of wolf packs, and of course, Prison of Elders. All of these missions were full of new challenges, and new vendors to give you great bounties. Now you can expand on your allegiance to different vendors, and you can do more things within a fire team or solo.

With House of Wolves, Bungie introduced a new mechanic similar to the Swords of Crota from the The Dark Below expansion.  Periodically during patrol on Earth, the Moon, and Venus, special Fallen bearing the House of Wolves colors and holding powerful scorch cannons will drop into an area.  Killing these will trigger more to spawn, and after a few waves, one named Fallen will accompany the final wave.  Killing this individual gives you a special buff, allowing you to locate a special chest which can contain valuables (including a key which allows you to unlock the large chest at the end of a Prison of Elders run).  Additionally, Petra Venj is a new vendor located in the Reef; she hands out bounties each week requesting the player to kill certain named characters.  Doing so nets you some valuable experience and Queens Wrath reputation, one of the new factions.

Prison of Elders Loot Chest http://www.product-reviews.net/2015/05/19/prison-of-elders-loot-chest-for-new-destiny-weapons-armor/
Prison of Elders Loot Chest. Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014. House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.

The new edition starts with killing the Wolves in Patrol mode. You will spawn in, do your usual patrols, and get a notification that Wolves are nearby. These are high level enemies that have betrayed the Queen, and now you owe her a favor for previously telling you where the Black Garden is. Intense. You get your bounties for these from Prentra Venj, the Queen’s Wrath vendor.

Petra Venj, Destiny, Bungie. http://shinigaming.com/2015/04/22/bungie-reveals-the-new-social-space-and-the-upgrade-methods-of-house-of-wolves/
Petra Venj. Destiny. Bungie Studios, 2014. House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.

By fighting these Wolves, you can get keys to the Prison of Elders chest. Prison of Elders can be done at different levels, like strokes and story missions. They are rounds of fighting enemies, arena style. They have all four of the enemy types from the game: Hive, Fallen, Cabal, and Vex. There tends to be a few rounds of challenges like destroy the mines, dismantling mines, killing targets, and ultimately fighting a big boss. I still have not successfully defeated Qodron, the Vex Boss. That one gave me the most frustration. It felt impossible to do for my fireteam, and by midnight we have given up on defeating Qodron.

Qodron, Prison of Elders. Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014. House of Wolves DLC, 2015.  http://www.gamespresso.com/2015/05/26/destiny-guide-how-to-beat-prison-of-elders-boss-qodron/
Qodron, Prison of Elders.
Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014. House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.

Lastly, but definitely not my least favorite thing, is the new strike. It uses different engines than the other strikes. Things don’t despawn just because the boss teleported or died. You still have to fight your way through Fallen after you defeat Taniks. Taniks are allies with the Fallen, and presents one of the most terrifying strikes. You have to go on board their seeder, and move through rooms to fight him. Occasionally in the hallways he’ll surprise you. This is a really fun strike, and I like it over the Omnigul strike. Omnigul almost annoys me in comparison.

Taniks. Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014.  House of Wolves Expansion, 2015. https://twitter.com/taniksthescared
Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014.
House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.

The new expansion gives us several small things too, including a new Cryptarch, a new vendor called Variks, who is a Fallen allied with the Queen, and voices over many missions, including Prison of Elders. It also came with a new Player Vs. Player vendor. We can exchange materials with the speaker for other materials and currency.

Variks. Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014. House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.  http://destiny-npc.tumblr.com/post/117414838856/variks-the-loyal-house-of-judgement
Destiny, Bungie Studios, 2014.
House of Wolves Expansion, 2015.

One of the big appeals for me, is the dragon strike levels. I like a good challenge, and going through this playlist is just a blast. It is a higher level strike playlist that gives you more drops. I can seriously level up my Cryptarch in less than a few hours thanks to this playlist.

Their previously disconnections and glitches have seemed to have been cleared up for the Xbox One, making this more enjoyable and less frustrating. Awhile back, the servers constantly kicked players, and the players would have to completely reconnect.

I have yet to participate in Trials of Osiris, the new player versus player section of House of Wolves, however I intend on doing so soon. Those who have played it, did you like it?

Overall, what do you think of House of Wolves? Do you think the Destiny game play is improving? Or are we still unsatisfied with this franchise? What do we think of the next expansion? I am a bit unhappy that I will probably have to re-purchase the whole game. This has been something Bungie has sort of tossed around with the fan base, and they made clear we will probably have to dump money into something. How do you feel about it? I am beginning to miss the old Halo days with Bungie–you know, getting a completed game on the first run.


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