Fanfics are the New Black

So it’s officially been two weeks since Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix, which probably means, if you’re a fan, you’ve binge-watched all of it already like I have. If you’re missing the show, still having feels from the ending of the season, or feeling jealous of all those pictures from Orange Con, look no further. I’ve found some Fan Fictions you can read to put yourself back into Litchfield Prison.

The first one I found is a short story about Daya and Bennet who are my personal favorite on the show, despite how their story ended this season. I think what I love about Daya specifically is how hopeful she can be even though she is in one of the worst situations possible. I think the fan fiction “Daydream” by heidipoo, really envelops Daya and her way of thinking.
Read the fic here.

The second one I found was written earlier and takes place right after Piper gets brought to SHU in the first season. I think the fic carries the tone of the show well in the way that it goes between characters talking about many of the same and different things. It shows perspectives of many of the characters and is written honestly much like the show. The fic is called “Soldier” by spiffy the scribbler and it focuses on the relationship between Alex and Piper.
Read it here.

I was surprised to find that when searching my absolute favorite character, there weren’t many fics about Poussey. The one I found is really short but it’s also extremely sweet. It’s a small scene between Poussey and Soso in the lake at the end of the season. It shows that maybe soon they can both help each other to work through the issues they’ve had in Season Three. Poussey and Soso are some of my favorites because I think there is so much depth to them that doesn’t really show to the other inmates and I think this fic captures that about them in a short and sweet manor. It also really sums up my hopes for them in season four and possibly left me even more impatient for June to come back around again. It’s called “All On Our Own” by toadontheroad.
You can read it here.

So inmates, I hope you you enjoy these fics and that this helps hold you over, even if just for a little while, during the wait for Season Four. In the meantime: read, do some more binge-watching and enjoy!


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