Join Superhero Girl in Her Adventures

Are you a wealthy socialite with too much time on your hands or are you a dark brooding teenager with a strong sense of justice and dead parents? Have you taken the time to evaluate your life choices and decided to ascend to the world’s stage as a superhero? No need to wonder what your days would be like as The Adventures of Superhero Girl illustrates the life of a contemporary super heroine. Demolishing the need for passé origin stories and found super powers, the reader discovers and explores what it really takes to be a start up superhero in situations most will recognize. Your best chance to experience a superhero with inherited powers and a government stipend’s everyday going-ons is with cartoonist and comic artist Faith Erin Hicks’ The Adventures of Superhero Girlshgcover

Life is a series of firsts and Hicks presents you with life’s initial breaks with familiar and dynamic environments and relationships. The Adventures of Superhero Girl is a web series (and a published collection of comic strips) that follows the determined twenty-something super heroine, Superhero Girl, through her experiences and interactions with her own unique flare and outlook. Hicks demonstrates a biting humor and witty dialogue that is expressed in both the narrative and her art. She utilizes comic strip’s sequential illustration, a medium known for brevity with superiority, as she establishes a storyline and engages you in a slice of life comedy.

Superhero Girl approaches her everyday life with effortless humor as she challenges her role as a hero, learns to master it, takes on social circles, and deals with the fickle public. A novice, Superhero Girl is looking for on the job training, positive representation in the media (or any), and the search for her arch nemesis. What she gets is the opportunity for trail and error. Get to know her roommate, friends, hotshot Superhero brother Kevin, and ninjas. See Hicks showcase her observational humor as Superhero Girl problem solves her superhero wardrobe, job interviews, is coerced by her roommate, and encounters the yearly self-reflection that results in an existential crisis as she develops an understanding for the superhero racket.

Superhero Girl displays a sarcastic and keen perception as she evolves and develops her identity and relationships. Delightful, she possesses a wit and honest personality as she is resolved to make it as a superhero while she deals with talking at parties without using her fists or the frustration of fighting the onslaught of super villains (and ninjas) before meeting her arch enemy. Faith Erin Hicks contributes to character driven storytelling as she has the ability to create and depict with ease the strong protagonist that is approached with sincerity, respect, and a core love for the subject matter. Show in one story arc where Superhero Girl had an incident at a café with an enthusiastic superhero fan and responds to an onslaught of questioning about her origins as a superhero. Responding with defiance to the disappointment towards the lack of a tragic background and missing superpowers, her shared superpowers with Superman (The King) are shot down, as the shared power is not flight. Superhero Girl continues to defy his conventions as she analyzes, without missing a beat, the real life references to a marketing decision. Superman’s original power was changed from leaping over tall buildings to flight, because the industry believed it to be sexier. The Adventures of Superhero Girl will continue to triumph with a strong heroine, humor, sarcasm, and intelligence as Superhero Girl maneuvers through life with her superhero ambitions.

For every subtle joke, bold dialogue and smooth action in this sequential narrative, take the time to re-read and add The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Erin Faith Hicks to your library. A gateway comic perfect for starter fans, you will re-read and continually check updates for new adventures with Superhero Girl.

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