Happy Father’s Day, Geekettes!

Happy Father’s Day from the Daily Geekette staff! This year, in honor of fathers everywhere, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite celebrity father/daughter duos. These are the fathers who have raised incredibly talented, beautiful, and confident women. Musicians, actresses, ambassadors, and more: Daily Geekette predicts these women will surpass their famous fathers if they haven’t done so already.


I have always loved the movie Tarzan. Phil Collins’ music always hit me in a place that made my heart both sing out and sob for hours. But it wasn’t until I began writing this piece that I discovered that my favorite song from that movie, ‘You’ll Be In My Heart” was dedicated to Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily Collins.

imageYou might recognize  Lily Collins from her most well-known role as Clary in City of Bones. I first saw her, though, in a film called Mirror, Mirror, where she plays Snow White. OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT FILM. The costumes are so fantastic, and it’s great fun to watch. (Also apparently she was in The Blind Side…? No idea until I stalked her IMDB profile).

I didn’t realize that these two Collinses were related until someone flat-out told me. Although Lily’s parents split, it’s clear that Mr. Collins has helped raise an amazing woman. Lily has been acting since the age of two, and was published in Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and The LA Times. She is a Celebrity Ambassador for Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization. She has quite the active social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram (which seems to be her preferred method of social media). She is a stunning woman, and I can only hope that she and her father have the best Father’s Day this year!


imageUntil the last decade or so, the name Cyrus was associated with mullets, heartbreak, and old fashioned country music. Billy Ray Cyrus’s music has been nominated for 69 major awards, and has won 41. Billy Ray Cyrus’s fame started to fade, and it wasn’t until he got a role on a show called Hannah Montana that he started a new wave of recognition.

Miley Cyrus is definitely much cooler than her dad and has been since Hannah Montana premiered. She started off her career by being an inspiration for young girls and then after she left Disney, used her career to do a lot amazing things. Number one would be how she advocates for homeless teenagers and raises money. She uses her career to get attention to things she cares about, like when she allowed her date, a homeless teen, to accept an award on her behalf. Miley founded an organization called the Happy Hippy Foundation. The foundation supports the homeless youth as well as supports those struggling with gender and sexuality that may become homeless due to lack of support.

imageMiley has an incredible love for animals. She has many pets, including a pig. She’s has tattoos for her pets that passed away, a dog and a fish. She is open about sexuality in a way that a lot of people aren’t and a lot of people can’t accept. I think that makes her pretty cool.

On top of all that, she has had a pretty awesome career. She has created music that grew with her audience. From “Best of Both Worlds” to “Wrecking Ball,” she has crossed genres and created music with an original sound. Music that I’d much rather listen to than “Achy Breaky Heart.”

So basically if you compare twerking to mullets, there really is no comparison. You can bet your sweet niblets that Miley is the best Cyrus of all.


I absolutely love Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, so I knew that him and his daughter, Liv Tyler, are known for being incredibly close. However, I had no idea that Liv didn’t know Steven was her father until she was 9 years old until I started researching their relationship for this article! In fact, Liv Tyler was actually born Liv Rundgren and was thought to be the daughter of rock star, Todd Rundgren, her mother, model Bebe Buell’s, on-again-off-again love interest. When Liv was 9, her mother took her to an Aerosmith concert where she met Steven and his daughter Mia. She noticed an uncanny resemblance between herself and Mia (I mean they look EXACTLY alike!) and questioned her mom about it. She admitted that Steven was her real father Liv eventually changed her name to Liv Rundgren Tyler about 8 years later.Liv Tyler 2

While her father has had an incredible career rocking out with Aerosmith (even at age 68 he can out-sing and out-perform most of today’s generation!), Liv has done her own amazing things throughout her career as a child model and actress. Her film debut, Silent Fall, led her to receive a handful of supporting roles in movies such as Empire Records and Heavy. She first received critical acclaim for her role in Stealing Beauty and went on to revieve international recognition for her portryal of Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In 2014, she took her acting chops to the sci-fi TV series, The Leftovers, in which she plays the role of Megan Abbott.

Liv TylerThroughout her life, however, Liv has always made it very clear how important her family is to her. Early this year, she gave birth to her second son, Sailor. The event was all over Steven Tyler’s Instagram and he has had numerous interviews talking about how much he loves his daughter and the new baby! Liv also spends interviews talking about the special
relationship between her first child, Milo, and Steven. They really have the cutest relationship. If you have any doubts about this, take a look at this duet of Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You on Instagram! It will melt your heart. I’m sure these guys will have a wonderful Father’s Day together!


imageI’ve been a Kevin Smith fan for years, and if you hear him talk for fifteen minutes, it’s pretty obvious he’s geeky. From Clerks to Tusk, you could make a lethal drinking game simply out of listening for references to Jaws, Star Wars, Star Trek, and of course, comics. After gaining a cult following for his movies, Smith also wrote for several comics, including Daredevil and Green Arrow. His New Jersey comic book shop, Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, is the setting of AMC’s Comic Book Men.
While Kevin Smith is fairly well-known name by now among the nerd crowd, daughter Harley Quinn is just beginning to make her own. Which, y’know, is probably hard when your parents named you after an iconic Batman character. Still, she takes Kevin’s geekdom in stride. After a few childhood cameos in her father’s movies (which Mr. Smith has joked she’ll probably need therapy for), Harley is now pursuing acting seriously when she’s not in school. She also plays bass guitar and has been BFFs with Lily-Rose Depp since kindergarten. The two are starring in Yoga Hosers, which brought them to work along their famous fathers. Kevin plans to show a trailer at his annual ComicCon panel, and hopefully the flick itself will drop later this year.
Depps in Yoga Hosers
A Family Affair: Yoga Hosers brings 2 Depps to one screen
From his versatile acting to his past as a Hollywood heartthrob, Johnny Depp’s strongest role is that of Father. Since Lily-Rose’s birth, Depp has always put his family first. He and  Vanessa Paradis kept their children almost completely out of the spotlight for their formative years. He also halted filming of Sweeney Todd when Lily-Rose came down with a severe e.coli infection at the age of seven. In interviews, he admits that playing Barbies with her helped him hone many of his character voices, including that of the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow.

My favorite tidbit, of course, is that in a blatant buck of social tradition, Lily-Rose threw a “Sour Sixteen” party for her birthday this year.  Now a teenager, Lily-Rose is choosing to put herself in the public eye with modeling work and acting. Her father was “nervous” about her debut in Yoga Hosers, “until I saw her—about three seconds of her in a scene—and I saw she’s amazing.”

Everyone knows Rob Schneider. He’s occasionally funny on his own, but more often appears near Adam Sandler, who is also occasionally funny. Mostly, everyone knows Rob Schneider for one line: “YOU CAN DO IT!!!” Always delivered with some sort of ridiculous accent. He has done movies, TV, and standup. I’ve never been a huge Rob Schneider fan, and I think his greatest contribution to society may just be his daughter.
imageIf you haven’t heard of Elle King and her breathtaking bluesy voice yet, trust me, you will. A few months ago, I heard her song “Ex’s and Oh’s” on the radio for the first time and was completely captivated. It has a more pop sound than her other songs, and I think it’s going to start drawing mainstream attention. It convinced me to check out her other work, which is flawless. Currently, if “Ex’s and Oh’s” is on the radio, it is often followed by a DJ letting listeners know that Elle King is Schneider’s daughter, which I hope stops, because King can definitely make it big without the help of her famous father. King’s parents divorced not long after her birth, and she was raised solely by her mother. That combined with the fact that she took her mother’s last name as her stage name, would lead me to think King does not want her famous father being her ticket to stardom either.
There you have it, our favorite celebrity father/daughter duos. Do you have a favorite father daughter dream-team that didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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