Musical Theater Fans Rejoice: Camp 2 is Happening!

imageTodd Graff (writer/director of Camp) did an interview with yesterday announcing a sequel to Camp, the cult musical theater indie film of 2003. It will be called Camp 2: Freaks in Nature. In case you’ve never heard of it, Camp tells the story of a group of musical theater obsessed misfit teens and one “popular” teenage boy whose sexuality is ambiguous. Drama ensues. There is romance, humor, sadness, wonderful musical numbers, and most importantly, hope.

Baby Anna Kendrick!
Baby Anna Kendrick!

Before I clicked on the link, I figured it would be a film set at the same camp but with new characters. I figured Graff wasn’t even going to try and use the original actors. Anna Kendrick is mainstream famous now, Robin de Jesus has a Tony, and Sasha Allen is a Broadway star/was apparently on some T.V. singing competition. Aside from that, they’re all grown ups.

I am so pumped for this sequel! According to Graff, the film is going to be “completely meta.” He stated that he is going to try and get the original actors, and that they will NOT be camp counsellors. What made Camp so great was that it really “got” the trials of the misunderstood theatre kid. It was honest. I’m game for finding out what “meta” means! I hope that Camp 2 is just as heartfelt and sincere as its predecessor.

imageThe first time I saw Camp, I fell in love. What sealed the deal for me was the surprise guest appearance at the end. I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, but it was epic. Graff has already announced some Broadway stars who have agreed to appear in a bizarre Dreamgirls dream sequence: Patti LuPone and Donna Murphy. Not as epic as the appearance in Camp, but still pretty freaking awesome!

Graff also stated he’s not sure if Camp 2 will include original songs or not. I sincerely hope he does include some new songs. “Century Plant” and “Here’s Where I Stand” were the anthems of my teenage years.

I look forward to having a new Camp. I’m not quite sure whether it will appeal more to people who spent their teenage years loving and obsessing over the original, or a new audience of teenage drama queens and kings. Either way, I am sure Camp 2 will receive much love.

Currently, you can get info at, and Graff hopes to have an Indiegogo campaign going soon!
Are you a fan of Camp?  Let me know what you love most about the movie in the comments!

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