Theater Thursday: “Prince of Egypt: The Musical” Dream Casting

Yeah, duh, you all know that I love Disney – but if you were to ask me what my true favorite animated movie is, it definitely isn’t made by the House of Mouse. If you couldn’t guess from the title, I am talking about Dreamwork’s The Prince of Egypt, a movie that honestly could have been done as a live action project, but somehow works even better in an animated format. Ever since its release, my mom and I have said that it needed to be adapted to the stage. And now, that small childhood dream is about to come true.


“Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theater will present a concert reading of the first act ofThe Prince of Egypt, a new stage adaptation of the animated 1998 film by Wicked composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz

The reading will star Broadway actors  Aaron Lazar and Norm Lewis.

The concert reading, co-presented with DreamWorks Theatricals, will be part of the theatre’s 24th annual summer gala on July 11 and will feature a cocktail reception, awards presentation, performance, dinner and an auction.” (SOURCE)

Yeah, that’s right, The Prince of Egypt musical is actually going to be a thing in the near future. And with names attached like Norm Lewis and Aaron Lazar, this adaptation has definitely got to be something special. And as I love to do with all these new announcements, lets put on our dreaming caps and begin to fantasize who could be the official Broadway cast.

*This post is written with the assumption Norm and Aaron won’t be in the Broadway cast. We hope they are, but want to speak of other options, just in case! Also, as usual, this is completely colorblind casting, and is going based on talent and vocal quality. 


Moses played by Paul Nolan

Ever since seeing him in Jesus Christ Superstar, Paul Nolan has been a favorite of mine. I haven’t seen him in too many shows, but whenever I do, he leaves me speechless. And not to say that Paul should play every religious figure on Broadway, but I think the role of Moses is kind of made for him. Vocally, he’d be perfect, since he has this humble quality to his voice that blends well with Schwartz’s tunes. He also has those super piercing eyes and overall stage presence, which is also needed for Moses. Couldn’t you see him going up against Rameses? I sure could.


Rameses played by Will Swenson 

This was actually a tough one to chose, but I went based on vocals, and with that in mind I chose Will Swenson, a favorite among the Theater Thursday crew. Will is an excellent actor, and has proven his talents in various shows over the years, including recently Les Miserables. The dude has a powerhouse voice, and has a regal quality, one that matches what Ralph Fiennes sounded like in the movie. Also, he would totally sell the power struggle between himself and Moses, which he also proved when playing Javert. Basically, Will can do no wrong, obviously.


Tzipporah played by Nikki M. James

Nikki M. James is an interesting young actress, one that I feel so far hasn’t gotten the role she deserves. She has a really unique voice, and is talented, but I feel she’s been cast in parts that don’t show her full potential. But, if she were to get the role of Tzipporah, I think she could make it her own. She’s proven she can dial up the romance in Les Miserables, and that she can bring the funny in Book of Mormon, so why not give her a role where she can blend those two sides? Tzipporah would allow her that ability, and then some.

  miriam_mandy   Miriam played by Mandy Gonzalez

Not gonna lie, if I could cast Mandy Gonzalez in every musical to ever exist, I’d do it in a heartbeat. She is by far my favorite female Broadway actress, and still has yet to get the credit and admiration she deserves. Her voice is that of an angel, and one that would make the Oscar winning ballad “When You Believe” even more beautiful than it already is. Mandy also has this warmth to her that the role of Miriam requires, and sense of optimism, which Mandy can portray in her sleep. Though I wanna cast Mandy in every role, letting her play Miriam would be a good start at least.


Aaron played by John Cariani

After seeing Something Rotten, I couldn’t stop thinking about how charming John Cariani was. He’s got this sparkle about him, one that is a little bit nerdy but in that lovable way that makes you never take your eyes off him. Those characteristics, along with other aspects definitely make John a candidate for playing Aaron, Moses’s brother. It’s a role that is full of multiple emotions, and yet is comedic relief at the most intense of times, something John can do in his sleep. Plus, Cariani has an adorable singing voice, one that would be awesome to showcase if new songs are put into the production.


Jethro played by Brian Stokes Mitchell

Do I really have to explain this dream-casting choice? I don’t think I do, but for the uneducated, I’ll do so. Brian is, of course, an immortal talent at this point. And to add more sparkle and shine to his ever incredible resume, the guy happened to also be the singing voice for Jethro in the movie. So it would make complete sense for the guy to play the role full time on Broadway, right? I certainly think so!


Hotep and Huy played by Don Darryl Rivera and Brad Oscar

It’s hard to find two better comedic actors on Broadway right now than Don and Brad, which clearly makes them perfect for playing the dynamic duo of Hotep and Huy. Don is best known as Iago in Aladdin, while Brad is currently playing Nostradamus in Something Rotten, both proving they’re masters at comedy. But you know what I think they could also be pros at? Playing roles that are the perfect blend of evil and comedic. Can’t you just see them singing the heck out of “Playing With The Big Boys”? I sure can.

So, who do you want in the Prince of Egypt musical? Do you like these casting choices? Who would you cast in the show? Are you going to see Norm and Aaron perform? Comment below and tell us your hopes and dreams for this upcoming adaptation! 


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