Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Released

When Harry Potter ended, everyone knew what they were getting. People watched the last trailer and cried because with it came the end of a monumental era. The end of the Twilight Saga films brought much relief for the actors, who could go back to their careers as serious indie actors, for the fans, who could finally read the series in peace, and for the haters, because there’d be no more hype. Mockingjay Part 2 doesn’t feel like a sigh of relief or bittersweet. It is definitely time to take the Capitol down, and that’s very exciting. I have read Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay twice, and I still got confused by things happening in battle scenes. My hope is that seeing these battles on the big screen will help me understand.

For those going in having never read the books, I salute you and recommend you bring at least one box of tissues.

Now let’s discuss this trailer:

It begins with the wedding of Finnick (my favorite character) and Annie. I’m so glad this book got two movies, because there is so much sadness and fear and anger in the second half of the novel, and now they have more time to show the characters getting one moment of happiness.

Throughout the trailer, Katniss grows more emotionally tired than we’ve ever seen her before. In one scene in particular, it is shocking. I wonder if that scene takes place before or after [the spoiler]. Speaking of [the spoiler], this movie is going to contain so much emotional trauma. When Mockingjay first came out and people finished reading it, there was this extreme sense of betrayal from the fans. I’m very curious to know if movie audiences who are unfamiliar with the book will have the same reaction. The trailer was very good at not hinting at that, or giving anything away.

Like the last three movies, this one looks like it’s going to stay very true to the book. There is nothing in the trailer that made me feel betrayed as a fan. I’m glad for that. I also liked seeing the wave of tar flying through the city because I remember reading that and thinking, “What. The floor is lava…?” It makes much more sense visually.

Basically, if you love a character, it’s safe to assume he or she either loses his or her mind completely or dies, so the fact that this trailer did not make me cry shows there is a whole lot more movie than they’ve shared, and I love that. I am very excited to see this movie.

Have a favorite part of the trailer I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!


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