Disney Announces Details on “Frozen” Ride “Frozen Ever After”

Though I am not the biggest fan of Frozen, there is no denying that Disney has a huge hit on their hands, and are taking every opportunity to showcase it – especially in their theme parks. For Epcot nerds like myself, we mourn the lose of Maelstrom, the Norway themed dark ride inside Epcot’s World Showcase, which is now being replaced by a Frozen themed attraction. But maybe, with these just released details for the new ride, us Maelstrom fans can breath a tiny sigh of relief that at least this new experience has some quality work going into it.


Thanks to details that were given exclusively to the Wall Street Journal, we now can get some idea as to what a theme park attraction with Frozen inside would look like. The ride will be called Frozen Ever After, and will be a sort of semi-sequel (or “in-between-quel” as some would say) to the Disney Animated film.


The ride will feature the following scenes:

– Olaf and Sven will be the first characters seen in the ride, and will appear throughout the attraction in other sections. They will be preparing for the Winter Festival. Near them, guests will see the Trolls, retelling how Anna and Kristoff met.

– After an ice skating scene with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, Elsa will appear at the top of her Ice Palace, belting out the hit song “Let It Go”.

– Marshmallow and Elsa’s other ice creations will finish singing the famous tune, before guests are sent into the finale scene, where Elsa and the rest of the Frozen gang are seen watching the fireworks during the Winter Festival.

The attraction will follow in the footsteps of classic dark rides from WDI’s (Walt Disney Imagineering) past, like Splash Mountain and the recent Little Mermaid ride, but will have the updated technology used for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, specifically when it comes to the new projected faces on the audio-animatronic figures.


I’m incredibly excited to see that Disney isn’t falling into the trends of their other theme park competitors (coughUNIVERSALcough) and are still proud to create fun, family friendly, yet thrilling dark ride attractions with fully animated AA’s at the forefront. This is a beautiful tradition that Walt started with the original Disneyland attractions, and it would be a shame for WDI to stop that art form from continuing. And even though this ride will never replace Maelstrom, it definitely seems like an interesting experience for guests young and old.

So what do you think of the new Frozen ride? Were you a fan of Maelstrom? What is your favorite dark ride? Have you ever been to Epcot? Comment below and tell us your thoughts. 


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