Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

Remember that dragon post I wrote a while back that was inspired by a really cool book I picked up from NetGalley? The book, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, came out this past May and the movie rights have already been squabbled over by a few film studios with Warner Bros coming out on top. When the film rights have been purchased before the book was even out a full month, you know it’s good. Just remember: we’ve been obsessing over it since March.

UprootedNot only was Uprooted the first in my list of dragon books linked to above, but I also gave a brief synopsis on my Reading Challenge March Updates post so I’ll try not to be too redundant here. Uprooted is an original fairy tale, grounded in the Slavic folklore and Tolkien fantasy of the author’s childhood, but with its own unique twists. The protagonist is a plain girl named Agnieszka, whose only outstanding skill is to end up looking messy and unkempt at all times. The Dragon is an epithet for the warlock who chooses one girl from the village to whisk off to his tower every ten years for unknown purposes. This year, Agnieszka is chosen.

As she learns to live with the mysterious and moody Dragon, she also learns to use and control a burgeoning magic inside herself. But rather than following the track of a love story between an angsty warlock and a clumsy peasant girl in a tower, the story takes a sudden turn into an epic account of kingdom intrigue and a battle between the citizenry and the twisted forces that live in the Wood. With forest monsters and magic spells, dashing warlocks and fierce battles, this book will be well suited to the big screen.

If we had any worry that the strength and fortitude of the female protagonist might be compromised in the screen adaption, they were banished once we read that Ellen Degeneres has signed on as one of the producers. According to a news post by, Ellen will be co-producing with Jeff Kleeman, her partner from A Very Good Production, who first suggested the book to her. No news yet on a potential release date, but we will be waiting with bated breath.


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