Hellboy III – What We Should See In It

This past week, Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, made a post via his social media accounts asking an important question to the fandom world at large. It was a call to nerdy action, one that my inner BPRD fangirl had been wanting to hear for sometime.



Yeah, that’s right, Ron wants support to get the third installment (and last chapter) of the Hellboy film franchise made. And heck, if Ryan Reynolds was able to do a similar magic trick on the Deadpool project, why can’t Ron do the same with HBIII? The answer is it can happen, and very easily – with your help making the topic trend, course! Which is exactly the reason for this article’s existence in the first place.

So, in support of the movie that will make my Hellboy-loving heart explode with joy, here is a list of some elements I (and many other fans) would love to see in the third HB film.

*WARNING: This article contains spoilers for both Hellboy films. If you haven’t seen ’em, well – what are you waiting for!? Go and watch them and then come back here!


Give Abe Some Romance

Ever since the sad ending of Hellboy II, Abe Sapien is definitely needing to fill that romantic spot in his life. Though in the animated Hellboy movies, there is a hint of romance with Liz, in the live action universe, Abe has never been able to successfully snag a lovely individual, aside from a princess that committed elf-style seppuku in front of him, and then turned into a tree…stone… thing. So for the final cinematic chapter of HB, I’d love to see Abe get a proper send off and win the heart of some lucky person in the process. Maybe he’ll get paired with a certain BPRD member that hasn’t made an appearance in the live action films yet… but more on that later!

Either way, I want Abe to be happy, and for Doug Jones to get some more deserved screen time, that allows him to bring even more awesome life into one of the best roles he’s ever played – vocally and physically! C’mon, give Abe some love!


We Want Lobster Johnson

If I were to make a wish list, and ask for any character to make an appearance in the Hellboy movies, Lobster Johnson would be at the top (with Roger being a super close second.) Johnson is popular among the Hellboy fanbase purely because of his mystery and unique storyline. He’s got a bit of The Phantom in him, with a mixture of other classic pulp fiction characters of the 30’s.

It would be fantastic to see Johnson brought into the cinematic adventures of Hellboy, either through a flashback or maybe even a time travel story. And since Guillermo Del Toro has spoken of his interest of putting Johnson into the third film, there is a likely chance that if the movie gets produced, that wish of mine will come true. Oh yeah, did I mention Del Toro wanted Bruce Campbell to play Lobster, and that Campbell voiced the character in the Science of Evil video game? This dream is sure sounding less and less impossible.


Let’s See The Twins

At the end of Hellboy II, we learned that Liz was expecting not just a baby, but two! And since that was one heck of a cliffhanger, I (and the rest of the fanbase) would be in utter shock if these babies are not somehow featured in the third movie. Personally, since it has been a few years between movies, I’d love to see the twins now as kids, instead of going back to Liz during her pregnancy. It would be a unique opportunity to see Red in “Dad Mode” and create some fantastic comedic and action sequences.

It also would be neat to see what these kids would look like, since they’re half demon, half human. Would they have the same fire abilities as their mom, or become horned creatures like their dad? A mixture of the two would be awesome, and (deep down) I’d love to see them both be female. I think Del Toro is a genius at writing parts for little girls, which can be seen in both Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim, during Mako’s flashbacks. Maybe they are the ones that bring on the conflict in the movie, through a fight or some issue. Either way, I’d love to see what Del Toro has cooking up for these hell-spawn kiddos.


Bring Kate Into Live Action

Kate Corrigan is probably one of the most under-appreciated members of the BPRD, and deserves way more respect within the Hellboy adaptations. Granted, she did get a good chunk of screen time in the animated movie, Hellboy: Sword of Storms, but like other famous human agents of the Hellboy universe, she quickly was tossed to the side in favor of other characters in the next animated installment. If Kate were brought into the third Hellboy movie, she would bring even more girl power into the franchise, and could allow for some awesome duo sequences with Liz at her side.

As mentioned above, she also could be a potential love interest for Abe. Granted, I wouldn’t care either way if she ended up with anyone romantically, but considering she and Abe spent a lot of time together in certain arcs in the comics, their pairing is a possibility. She could also create a love triangle between Red and Liz, since Kate has flirted with Red in the past. I wouldn’t really be a fan of that direction with her character, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for that to happen, either. Regardless though, if I get to see one of my favorite agents up on the big screen (and preferably played by Claire Danes, if we’re talking wishes here) then I’d be the happiest Hellboy fangirl out there.


Heir to the Duke of Hell

For two whole movies, we’ve been teased over and over of Hellboy’s ultimate destiny. We’ve been told bits about his father, “The Fallen One,” and of the destruction of Earth at Hellboy’s own hands, along with lots of other epic hellish imagery. So with all these tidbits, you would think the third movie might give us the ultimate flaming showdown we’ve been waiting for. Will this mean that Hellboy will be the villain of his own franchise? Will we finally get to see his real origin story, with his witch mother, Sarah Hughes, and the cutting off of his right hand by Azzael? I sure hope so! But considering that the Hellboy movies have been consistently rated PG-13, I don’t know how willing the studio is to let Del Toro go for true accuracy. But if we even get as much of a visual glimmer to how Hellboy really came to be, then the waiting will be truly worth it.

So what are you hoping for Hellboy  III? Are any of the things above on your wishlist? Should Abe get a new love interest? Do you want to see what Hellboy and Liz’s kids look like? What about Hellboy’s past? Comment below with your ideas and fandom wishes. 


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