Theater Thursday: 2015 Tony Predictions

Can you hear that sound? Can you feel that nerdy tingle in your musical theater brain? If you can, then you know it’s Tony Awards time! So pop that confetti, along with the champagne, grab your favorite theater t-shirt, plus a box of tissues, because this weekend is the Tony telecast, and your Theater Thursday crew (Kayla and Dalin) have got you covered. Below are our predictions, hopes and dreams for who will take home the prize. So sit back, relax, and queue the orchestra – it’s Tony time!

*We will not be covering every category, only what we deemed the most interesting.

It must be noted that an extremely important category was dropped this year, sound design, and no one even batted an eyelash. These people who work their butts off so the actors can be heard do not take a bow every night. They work without appreciation from cheering hoards. How do we acknowledge their awesomeness? A Tony nom. Usually. Not this year though. Please don’t let sound design go unappreciated. Let the Tony nominating committee know you’re upset.

Now on with the predictions:


Best Musical

Who Will Win: An American in Paris (Dalin and Kayla)

Who Should Win: Fun Home (Dalin and Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: This year, unlike the past few, features a truly fantastic crop of new musicals. Though each has their pluses and minuses, it is definitely one of the few instances that it was hard to chose just one production. The top contenders are Fun Home and An American in Paris, who are complete opposites in tone and style. American is classic Broadway at its (sort of) best, while Fun Home is incredibly original and life-changing. I’m hoping that the Tony voters chose the show that is the most relevant to our times, instead of the musical we’ve seen before countless times.

Kayla’s Thoughts: An American in Paris is going to win for one simple reason: The tour will bring in mountains of money. Sure the show might be great, but Fun Home will not tour well across the United States.


Best Revival of a Musical

Who Will Win: The King and I (Dalin and Kayla)

Who Should Win: On The Town (Dalin), The King and I (Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: Here again is another very tight race, even though clearly Side Show is missing from this list.  King and I will likely take the crown, and deservedly so in some aspects, though it is a cookie cutter production. And even though On The 20th Century has some excellent aspects, I’d love to see On The Town take the prize. It was a production with a lot of heart and energy, and aside from a few minor pacing issues, it had some of the most fun moments I’ve seen on Broadway this past year.

Kayla’s Thoughts: I agree with Dalin that Side Show got hard-core gipped this year. It makes me so angry that this significantly improved production isn’t even getting a nod at the award show. I think The King and I will and should win for best revival of a musical because it is an all around quality production. The other shows are frivolous and fun, this one has heart. This show has fantastic cast members, sets, and costumes.


 Best Play

Who Will WinThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Dalin), Wolf Hall Parts 1&2 (Kayla)

Who Should Win: Hand to God (Dalin), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: This season has also been filled with some excellent new plays. But out of all of them, Hand to God easily is the most unique and interesting, and heck – it’s a comedy! Aside from 2013’s Vanya and Sonia…, comedies have rarely won in this category. Come on and take a risk, Tony voters!

Kayla’s Thoughts: I will admit I have not seen any plays this season, so I am not claiming to be an expert, but Curious Incident is important. From what I’ve heard, it was done incredibly well, and I think getting into an autistic kid’s head is something more people need to experience in the world we live in. I think Wolf Hall will win because it seems both pretentious and palatable.


Best Revival of a Play

Who Will Win: The Elephant Man (Dalin and Kayla)

Who Should Win: Skylight (Dalin)

Dalin’s Thoughts: Yet again, another tough decision. Most likely, Tony voters will chose The Elephant Man, because it’ll give good press to the show’s West End run this summer. But, if the group is feeling like giving it to a production that really deserves it, Skylight should definitely take the prize. Though a basic concept, this production has two heavy hitters as the leads, and the material is being revived for a reason, one that the Tony’s should reward.

Kayla’s Thoughts: Elephant Man is going to win this award because a film celebrity, however good Bradley Cooper may be, is doing something remotely intense, and that celebrity is not Daniel Radcliffe. I honestly couldn’t tell you who should actually win, having very little knowledge about these productions.


Best Leading Actor in a Musical

Who Will Win: Michael Cerveris (Dalin), Ken Watanabe (Kayla)

Who Should Win: Tony Yazbeck (Dalin), Brian d’Arcy James (Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: Though many of my favorites are getting some love this year in the Actor category, I have to go with the underdog and hope for Tony Yazbeck (On The Town) to take the award. This guy gives one of the most electric and humble performances I’ve seen this season, and has such a strong stage presence, it is hard to miss. But in all honesty, every person in this category deserves it. Seriously, all of them do.

Kayla’s Thoughts: Again, I think it comes down to star power. Ken Watanabe is a well-respected actor in an iconic role. I’m sure he’s phenomenal (I’d know for sure if I could remotely afford to see this show), but Brian d’Arcy James is doing something new and wonderful and is an all around stellar performer.

the visit chita rivera kander ebb musical

Best Leading Actress in a Musical

Who Will Win: Kristin Chenoweth (Dalin), Chita Rivera (Kayla)

Who Should Win: Chita Rivera (Dalin), Kelli O’Hara (Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: I know I’ve said it in almost every other category, but this is without a doubt the hardest category to chose from. Not only do you have two current Broadway stars in the running, but you have the immortal Chita Rivera up for the award as well. Personally, though the show itself has some rather questionable content, Chita Rivera is incredible in The Visit…. and she starred in my favorite musical of all time (Kiss of the Spider Woman) and we share a birthday…. not that I’m biased or anything.

Kayla’s Thoughts: Every single woman in this category is wonderful. Every. Single. One. Chita Rivera probably will win because she has all the history behind her, and is utterly fabulous. I feel like Kelli O’Hara’s entire career has been leading up to her getting to play the lead in The King and I, and I really hope she gets recognized for it.


Best Original Score

Who Will Win: The Visit (Dalin and Kayla)

Who Should Win: The Last Ship (Dalin), Something Rotten or Fun Home (Kayla)

Dalin’s Thoughts: Though this year has produced some fantastic scores, The Last Ship has still remained one of my personal favorites. Yeah, the show itself was a hot mess, and featured way too many mentions of ships, but the score itself was rich and powerful, and if Sting takes the prize maybe he’ll write just as good a score for a production that is actually interesting. Here’s to hoping.

Kayla’s Thoughts: SOMETHING ROTTEN DESERVES THIS. I may or may not be biased by my love of Shakespeare, the cast, the costumes, and the super creative idea. I do wish Fun Home would win as well, because it was scored by two women. Women are so rare as creative forces behind mainstream drama, and they deserve recognition as the only women nominated in their category. Also because they created something wonderful.

And those are our predictions on this year’s Tony Awards! Who do you think should take the gold? Any categories you wish we covered? Are you excited for Cheno and Alan to host? 

If you want a cool place to stay up-to-date with the Tony Awards, check on our live coverage of the event through Twitter and our site, starting at 8pm Eastern on Sunday, June 7th!


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