A Geekette’s BEA 2015 Haul: ALL of the Books!

booktowerSome of you may have considered going to Book Expo America, but aren’t sure exactly what it is, or were deterred by the price or the lines. What it is, is LITERAL. TOWERS. OF. BOOKS!!! There are stacks of galleys piled on the floor and you run through and grab one of each. There are also authors giving away books at signings. I brought home 32 books, eleven of which were signed by their authors, and an overwhelming portion of which were advanced reader’s copies. 

And that was me being discerning and trying not to get all the same books as my sister. There are friends of mine who bring home over a hundred (I’m looking at you, Kayla and Leigh), but I knew there simply wasn’t room in my house for that many.Although the price of a blogger’s ticket for all three days was $184, if we assume that the average price of each book was $15 (although most were listed as at least $19.99 on the back), I brought home about $480 worth of books. That means I saved almost $300!

Here is a picture of my total haul:


It didn’t even all fit in one suitcase.

Now compare that to Kayla’s total haul:


It can be a little overwhelming to fathom conquering that many books, so this is the pile of books I’m going to read first:


These are all of the books that I got signed. Most of them I had made out to “Geekette” so keep your eyes open for giveaways on the site in the near future.


Aside from the books, there is also endless swag given out at BEA. It mostly consists of tote bags, which you grab to carry around all the books you pick up, although there were some booths that gave out lotion, pins, pens, stickers, lip balm, and even wine. Here is the ridiculous amount of tote bags I accumulated throughout the con:


So, yes, it’s a lot of waiting in line and dealing with crowds of people, but the books make it all worth it. I’m excited to read each and every one of them. Are there any in my pile that you hope to win in a giveaway? Were you at the convention yourself? If  so, how many books did you get and what are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “A Geekette’s BEA 2015 Haul: ALL of the Books!

  1. So exciting! I love seeing the towers – they are very creative. Well done, publishers 😀 I’m excited to read Six of Crows, Passenger, Truthwitch, and Wolf by Wolf! Not sure if you got any of those, but those are the only four I would have wanted at BEA. If you got them, I hope you love them! And all of your new lovelies in general. I hope to attend BEA some day, hopefully it comes back to NY in 2017!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I know at least one of the other geekettes got Six of Crows. Maybe I’ll have to borrow it from her if it’s good. People were lining up for Truthwitch even before the convention hall opened, so I decided not to deal with the crowd, but it must be a really cool book to have that much attention already. I, too, hope that BEA comes back to NY. Maybe we’ll see you there in a few years 🙂

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