“Fast Enough” to Time Travel: A Review of The Flash Season Finale

When I sat down to watch the first season finale of The Flash, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not someone who usually watches the promo trailers week-to-week, so I hadn’t seen any previews. In my mind, so much had been wrapped up last week simply with the capture of Harrison Wells. Isn’t that how it usually works? You capture the bad guy and then go out for drinks to celebrate? But Harrison Wells wasn’t just any bad guy, so The Flash had to do more with him, and thus you have the finale. My full thoughts (and spoilers) below!


The episode begins with Barry going down to talk to Harrison Wells in his particle accelerator cell, where Wells makes Barry an offer: help him travel back to the future, in exchange for Barry being able to travel back in time and save his mother. The team has many fraught discussions about time travel and all of the potential paradoxes it could cause, but Barry decides to go through with it. The big warning hanging over this decision, however, is that to do so he will be creating a wormhole that could potentially destroy the planet if left open too long. Barry travels back in time, but doesn’t end up saving his mother – instead he reassures her that he and his father are okay in the future. He gets back to the present in time to stop Wells from returning to his own time. The two fight, and Eddie shoots himself to stop Wells from killing Barry. In the final moments, the wormhole becomes unstable, and turns into a large black hole in the sky over Central City. Barry runs up towards it in an effort to stop it – leaving us with an impressive (but not aggravating) cliffhanger to keep us excited for season two.


The finale was just as well-paced and balanced an episode as you would expect from an impressive first season. When I think back to the first season of Arrow, it seems like The Flash made far fewer rookie mistakes than its parent creation. There were certainly moments in the finale that felt a little like filler to me, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate them. Eddie’s decision to sacrifice himself to save Barry was a satisfying conclusion to his arc, as he spent much of the episode considering coincidence and destiny. This also conveniently opens the door for Barry and Iris to become a couple in the second season. If the writers are smart, they’ll find some more bumps to throw in the road; I have faith in them. This episode also had a brief happy moment for Caitlin and Robbie (they got married!) that I’m sure will have some more complications in the coming season, as Firestorm settles back into life in Central City.


If I had any real complaints about this season, and the finale in particular, it’s only that it felt a little too neat. If The Flash hadn’t been renewed for a sophomore season, I think I would have been completely satisfied with this ending. That satisfaction makes me nervous, because it leaves me questioning what kind of stories to expect in the new season. I honestly didn’t think Wells as a villain would be resolved in just one season, and while I wouldn’t be surprised if he manages to come back at some point, it seems unlikely to happen right away. The field is wide open for Season Two. I’m just hoping the writers can maintain the great momentum and rhythm they developed in the first season.

What about you, Geekettes? What did you think of this finale/season? Like, comment, and share to let us know!


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