Theater Thursday: Dream Hedwig List

It is no secret that the team at DG loves Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We love this show so much, we even dream of other people in the famous rock star role. And now with the announcement of Taye Diggs taking over for Darren Criss in July, we thought it would be fitting to give a list for our dream Hedwigs. Some would definitely happen, while others are just big fandom dreams. But either way, it is fun to imagine, right? So grab your Goomi Bears and take a look at our list!

Dalin’s Picks

Hedwig is a role that demands a lot of energy, sass, and emotion. Below are some talented individuals that I think could pull it off and make the role their very own:

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming

Aside from the fact that I have the biggest crush on this dude, Alan Cumming is one heck of a talented individual. He can do German accents like a boss as shown in Cabaret, he’s witty, full of energy, and just overall raw emotion. Also, there is proof he can sing the Hedwig songs to perfection, as shown at his stint at Joe’s Pub back in 2010. I can easily imagine him performing this show to perfection, and if it ever happened, it’d be the biggest fangirl dream come true.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

After seeing his Oscar winning role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, along with his awesome music talents in his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, I definitely think Jared has what it takes to play Hedwig. He’s obviously proved that he is a committed actor, and that he’s willing to try just about anything, and I definitely see this show as that next step. Granted, he might be too busy for the next year being the Joker in Suicide Squad, but maybe if he gets a short break he can come and put on some wigs for a week or two on the Great White Way.


Davey Havok

Yeah, this is a truly obscure choice, but I have always been a fan of AFI’s lead vocalist, Davey Havok. He’s got fantastic pipes, stage presence, and has even already graced the Broadway stage in American Idiot. I think he’d do a stellar job as Hedwig, and give a new and raw energy to the production that is a bit more gritty, especially since he’s had first hand experience in the rock scene. Also, he’s so pretty, you know he’d look incredible in all those outfits.

Kayla’s Picks

Honestly, I think there are more actors I’d like to see BACK in Hedwig’s shoes. I discovered the show through my love of all things Rent, including Anthony Rapp. He’s one I’d see if I had a time machine, along with Michael Cerveris. As far as actors who have never played the role before, I’d go with:


Raul Esparza

He has proven  through his roles in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Cabaret that he can do weird, and he can do rock musicals. Esparza’s voice is completely unique, and could rock every song in the show. His acting capabilities have been proven time and again through his roles in honest, emotional shows.


Will Swenson

This man has played every role you could possibly imagine from hippie to drag queen to angry suicidal inspector. He also has a really stunningly original voice. Plus, he can already rock the heels.

So, now we ask you, who would your dream Hedwigs be? Agree with any of the choices above? Are you excited for Taye Diggs? Do you want another RENT cast member to join the Hedwig legacy? Comment below with all your thoughts!


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