Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: Cute Stuff To Buy…. Again Edition


Hey readers! Guess what!? Japan is putting out more cool stuff! Surprised? Nah, you shouldn’t be. But in case you want to know what some of that cute stuff is, here is a guide to the items that’ll make your fandom wallet cry with such intensity, you might just have to give it a hug. So for this week’s Simulcast Corner, let’s take a look at those items and have our wallets tear up in unison.


So, any Tiger and Bunny fans out there? If that is the case, you’re gonna eat up this new collection of merchandise, featuring Kotetsu, Barnaby and Ryan. The collection, sold at Animate stores in Japan, will be called “Tiger & Bunny: The Rising x Rascal” and will feature the trio in raccoon form in plushies, tote bags, keychains and luggage tags, along with many other styles. (Source)


Though not exactly anime related, it doesn’t hurt to show off some cute Pokemon gear. And as someone that is a big Eevee fan, this seemed appropriate. As part of Banpresto’s “I♥EIEVUI” collection, the company has added these new, super precious mugs to the line up of gear you can get, all themed to everyone’s favorite ever-evolving fluff ball. There will also be phone straps, bath towels and more. (SOURCE)


Speaking of more cute collections, check out this precious set of Sailor Moon-themed bath items. From hair ties to sponge charms, everything is here and more. As you can tell from the photo, these are from the Miracle Romance brand, which has been so on point lately, and I have the receipts to prove it. But unlike the other collections, this one is probably the most practical to use (since the others have been a lot more eye candy than useful), Let me tell you, this Moon girl is all about this. (SOURCE)


If you’re a magical girl fanatic like yours truly, than this might also be up your alley. There will be new Card Captor Sakura PJ dresses coming out soon. One of them is styled like Sakura’s cat dress, while the other (seems to be) in honor of her opening dress (or just overall style) featuring curly wings and her various Clow Keys. Either way, these look comfy to the core, even if they come with a pretty high price tag (USD $106). (SOURCE)

So, which of these items do you wanna get? What anime do you want to see make epic merchandise?  Any new anime shopping purchases you’ve made? Is your wallet actually crying? Comment below and tell us your favorites! 


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