Shadowhunters Dream Cast

As we start to hear more information about the TV series Shadowhunters based on The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare, I can’t help but start to think about who I would want to play the roles of these characters that I’ve been so attached to for so long. In a perfect world, most of the movie cast could come back but sadly it’s been pretty much determined that due to their careers it is more than likely none of the cast will be back. I was so excited when I saw that Dominic Sherwood would be playing Jace that I couldn’t help but think of a few people I think would work really well in the other roles, so here is the cast I would consider if I was casting the Shadowhunters TV Series.

Jane Levy as Clary Fray

I hadn’t heard of Jane Levy until I watched the short lived series Suburgatory. Her character Tessa was witty and fun but also had a lot of depth to her. Those are qualities she could definitely bring to Clary. Other things I have seen her in are Shameless where she played the original Mandy and the movie Fun Size. In Shameless she definitely showed a lot of range and it was a different character than I had been used to seeing her play in Suburgatory, she definitely proved her acting abilities to me. In Fun Size she may have been the best part of the movie. It wasn’t the greatest movie and it wasn’t really open to a lot of strong acting choices but she still managed to make me laugh. While she’s a little older than she was when she played Tessa, it isn’t a problem since it appears that they are aging the characters. I think Jane Levy would be a great choice.


Elizabeth Gillies as Isabelle Lightwood

Elizabeth Gillies is best known for being on Victorious as the mean, angry, scary friend in the group, Jade West. She is an extremely talented actress and she definitely has that darkness that Isabelle needs as well as the sarcasm. What I think is probably Isabelle’s most noticeable quality is the power she puts over people. The actress who plays Isabelle needs to be able to emit power in her wake and I think that is definitely something Elizabeth Gillies is capable of.


Chris Wood as Alec Lightwood

Chris Wood is an amazing actor. His short time on The Vampire Diaries as Kai Parker has convinced me of that. Without a doubt he could play the broody mess that is Alec. The role would definitely need a lot of the melancholy self-loathing that Chris Wood currently uses for Kai having emotions. Playing Kai he has proven his range and ability for characters just in his switch from sociopath to a somewhat compassionate person. I think Alec is a hard character to understand because there’s so much going on in his life that he doesn’t want and that he doesn’t quite understand, and you need someone who can handle all the layers of a character like that.


Shane Harper as Simon Lewis

If you’ve seen Good Luck Charlie or Happyland, you’ll have seen Shane Harper. He has the perfect mix of adorable and geeky fun that Simon needs. While no can really compare, in my opinion, to Robert Sheehan, I really think Harper could bring a new side of the character. He handles comedy really well but can also handle really serious scenes.


Colin Ferguson as Luke Galloway

Colin Ferguson played the lovable sheriff dad on Eureka and I think what he brought to that role would be really great for Luke. He’s always brought heart to every character I’ve seen him play and I think if Luke has anything, it’s heart. Even in the darkest times he’s kind of the savior and the light. He’s a father figure who always knows what to say to Clary and that’s the kind of warmth that Ferguson could definitely contribute.


Matt Bomer as Valentine

So I figured now that White Collar is over, Matt Bomer would consider taking on the role of Valentine if he was looking for a job. Hands down he’s an amazing actor. There’s no doubt in my mind he could do it. Is he too young? Maybe, but he’s the same age as Jonathan Rhys Meyers who played Valentine in the movie. So if any powers that be are reading this PLEASE take this man into consideration! I think he would be perfect.


Tartar Sauce as Chairman Meow

Tartar Sauce is already an international superstar. She would probably take a little attention away from the cast, but I mean, she’s really talented. She would really understand The Chairman.

Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane

Lastly I just have to say I think Godfrey Gao has to play Magnus. I mean he’s on the cover of The Bane Chronicles. Who else could really fill those shoes anyway? His pantless movie performance was perfect and honestly I love him. If anyone from the movie cast has to come back, I think it should be him.


So what do you think? I know I don’t have every character so who would be in your cast if you got to choose? Respond in the comments with your picks.


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