This Week on TV: April 11-17

This week on TV, probably the biggest thing that happened isn’t going to be covered in this post, which was the Game of Thrones season premiere. While we will be doing some coverage of the new season, it won’t be in this weekly post, so keep your eyes open for upcoming standalone coverage. Jane the Virgin dealt with issues of faith in this season’s Easter episode. On The Flash we had a surprise crossover when Felicity and Ray Palmer came to visit Central City, while this week’s Arrow was a roller-coaster that ended with one character’s death. On our other favorite superhero show, Agents of SHIELD, we learned May’s tragic backstory. Once Upon a Time also had some deaths this week, but only one of them appears permanent.

Once Upon a Time, 4×18 “Heart of Gold” (Brianna)

heartofgoldMarian, Robin Hood’s wife that Emma brought back from the past, has actually been Zelena  this whole time! Because of on-set photographs, I knew this was a possibility, but I really didn’t want it to be true. Zel killed the real Marian in the past (during Hook & Emma’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure) and took her place. She revealed herself to Rumplestitlskin during a New York encounter, and now they’ve come to a mutual agreement to find the Author. In flashbacks we get a glimpse at Robin Hood’s past with the real Marian, and evidence that he apparently first crossed paths with Will Scarlet in Oz.

I’m….kinda cranky about ZelMarian, honestly. I missed Zelena’s special brand of crazy, but it’s frustrating that the Marian we saw in 4A wasn’t real. I also have continuity questions about when Regina pulled out “Marian’s” heart, but I digress. I was happy with more Will screentime, but I’ve been waiting all season to learn what the hell happened to Anastasia, and all we get is a mention of Will’s deceased sister who, as far as I can see, has no plot significance. C’mon, OUaT. I know you can do better.

Jane the Virgin 1×18, “Chapter Eighteen” (Meg)

So this was heartbreaking...
So this was heartbreaking…

The Villanuevas celebrated Easter a little late this week! The central theme of this week’s episode seemed to be all about how faith can either overpower or be torn down by doubts in something, namely, Jane’s relationship with Rafael. As things continue to fall apart at the Marbella, Jane starts to realize that for as much as Rafael loves her and wants to be there for their child, his actions show that he really does value his work more than family activities. At the end of the episode, though Jane has resolved to overcome their present difficulties, Rafael is the one who calls it quits, deciding that they need to focus on the baby, and that trying to build a relationship together is an added pressure they don’t need. Which resulted in an exclamation of “FINALLY!” from me. I’ve always felt that Rafael and Jane rushed into their relationship, so the vindication was rather sweet. Though not the season’s strongest, I really loved how realistic the show insists upon being and that it always treats its characters as human beings rather than constructions of fiction. Bonus: As a Christian woman, I’ve really appreciated the way that Jane and her grandmother’s Faith has been not only respected but praised as signs of strength.

The Flash 1×18, “All Star Team Up” (Megan)


Killer bees start going after robotics experts, and Felicity and Ray Palmer come to town looking for help with his A.T.O.M. suit. While Eddie continues to struggle with not telling Iris the truth about the Flash’s identity, Barry struggles with whether or not he can trust Caitlin and Cisco because of how close they are to Dr. Wells. As always, I enjoy anything that gets me more of Felicity, because she’s one of my favorite characters in the Arrow/Flash universe. It was fun to see her and Ray out of the context of Starling City, and to see them as a couple contrasted with Iris and Eddie as a couple (and poor Barry as a fifth wheel). This felt like a great way to kick off the final set of episodes in the season (no more gap weeks, hooray!).

Agents of SHIELD 2×17, “Melinda” (Meg)

MY EMOTIONS. MY EMOTIONS. [insert Troy from Community gif]
MY EMOTIONS. MY EMOTIONS. [insert Troy from Community gif]
TEARS. TEARS TEARS AND MORE TEARS. ALL OF THE TEARS pretty much sums up how I felt about this week’s Agents of SHIELD. This episode (one of the entire series’ strongest) focused its concentration on two stories this week: May’s traumatizing backstory in Bahrain and Jiaying teaching Skye how to control her powers, revealing that she was her mother in the process. Though the sequence of events that led to May’s hardened exterior wasn’t wholly unexpected, a combination of small details and Ming-na Wen’s exceptional performance led to the most gut-wrenching moments of the show. May and Andrew wanted to start a family. May chose to go in to save a girl, only to end up killing the gifted child who had taken out an entire unit in seconds. The story of what that girl’s mother would do for her child transitioned beautifully into Jiaying impressing upon Skye the importance that they keep the true nature of their relationship a secret. To make things even more emotional, Jiaying, after having Skye control her ability to cause, say, an avalanche, showed her with some glasses her potential to create beauty with her power. All of this culminated in Jiaying convincing Skye to join her in a family dinner with Cal during which we finally got to see his softer side without any traces of madness. Oh, and Raina’s superpower is premonition. So that’s gonna be interesting to see play out…

Arrow 3×19, “Broken Arrow” (Megan)

Ray learning some important lessons about being a hero (Source)
Ray learning some important lessons about being a hero (Source)

Oliver struggles with the desire to break Roy out of prison while he and Ray team up to take on a metahuman from Central City. Diggle and Felicity help Roy escape prison by faking his murder, and as the team bids him farewell, Ra’s confronts Thea in her apartment. Their encounter ends with him stabbing her (and it looks like she’s dead/dying but really you never know with this show). I’m not even going to get into the flashbacks because they’re starting to get so overdramatic that I almost wish they were no longer a part of the show. This week was not a particularly notable week for the women of Arrow, with the exception of Felicity who is being placed more and more as though there will be some sort of love triangle with her, Oliver, and Ray. It seems like this will be an action-packed final set of episodes (but really, when is Arrow not action-packed?).

What did you watch this week, Geekettes?


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