Batman v Superman Trailer Leaked

The Batman V Superman trailer has been leaked, and its a trailer…. I guess. If you are curious to know what the heck even happens in it, and that shaking camera recording file has been removed from your personal video watching site of choice, here is a run down of what is shown:

The trailer opens with a lot of voice overs. In fact, much of what the trailer focuses on are voices. Many of these speak of similar things: god-like beings getting destroyed, good men being corrupted for evil, blah, blah, the same old, same old. What makes these speeches interesting is knowing who is saying what. One voice is clearly Holly Hunter, who seems to maybe be an activist against Superman. I am totally for this, if that is indeed her role, since it keys into the fact that after the events of Man of Steel, everyone is not on Superman’s side. BamtanBvSTeaserCap

We also hear what seems to be Alfred (Jeremy Irons) talking about Bruce Wayne maybe turning into some sort of evil being. But based on the footage shown in said leaked trailer, I can’t help but think that Batman feels he is the hero in this scenario, rather than being any sort of actual antagonist (as the trailer is trying to allude to.)

This also leads to probably the most interesting aspect of the trailer, the first time we get to hear Ben Affleck’s Batman voice. Unlike the hilarious and much spoofed Christian Bale take on the character, there seems to be a voice manipulation technique used this time around, and it’s a very interesting choice. Do I like it? Eh, I think it is one of those instances where it’ll have to grow on me, but I can definitely agree that it is a huge  improvement over the Bale rendition.


Visually speaking, this movie screamed Snyder’s distinct style. Probably the most eye popping moments occur when Superman holds a car over his head, with fire going behind. We also get to see some of the footage shown at SDCC last year, with Batman wearing some sort of armored outfit, standing next to his legendary Bat Signal, with Superman hovering above. But like Snyder’s previous work, the dialogue in some chunks comes off incredibly awkward, especially Batman’s final remark, questioning if Superman bleeds. It reminded me of the sort of phrases I would say during a roleplaying game session in middle school – whether that be good or bad, I’ll leave to you.

Overall, I’m not too impressed with this first look at the movie, as I’ve not been impressed with anything shown from the movie thus far. Where’s my Wonder Woman at? I know that she isn’t in the title, but from the amount of coverage spoken of her at the Comic Con panel last year, I was expecting at least a little something. Call me a hater, or what you will, but I’ll just have to reserve my final opinions until March of next year.

So, if you did see the Batman V Superman leak, what did you think? If you haven’t, are you excited for its debut on Monday? Are you going to the IMAX event? Let us know in the comments below. 



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