Theater Thursday: Bringing On The Childhood Feels – Beauty and the Beast Updates and Anastasia

Welcome to another addition of Theater Thursday! This week, we’re bringing on that nostalgic magic and discussing some new things on the horizon. Princesses, sword fights, magic spells–yeah, you know the drill. So grab your sparkly shoes, your cassette tape soundtracks, and all your childhood feels–and let’s make some Theater magic!

Our first story is an update on a property many of you are probably tired of reading about on this site. Since our last discussion on Disney’s new live action Beauty and the Beast, many new things have come about. First off, Ian Mckellen has been cast as Cogsworth, along with Audra McDonald and Gugu Mbatha‑Raw as other household enchanted objects. We also got our first selfie of the cast, featuring Josh Gad and a slew of other cast members (shout out to Dan Stevens making a traditional animated Beast face, like a boss!)


But the latest update, coming only a day after said selfie, is probably the best and juiciest update of all, since this movie was even announced. Ian McKellen wrote a heartfelt, “feels”-inducing blog post about the first rehearsal for the film. Below you can read, but I warn you, a tissue will be required. (Source)


Now that you’ve had time to catch your breath from all that bit of epicness, lets divulge what some of these things might mean.

First off, no, Lumiere’s casting has yet to be announced. I’m still hoping, like many, that Jean Dujardin gets the part, but that remains to be seen.

Hearing that there was a 30 person choir present is really promising, along with hearing how engaging Bill Condon was during the process. Considering all the interesting and awesome stories I’ve heard about him through all the Side Show events I’ve gone to, I’m sure he’s got some incredibly cool ideas for the film. But probably the thing that really got me, was reading the section where Ian cried watching Dan and Emma dancing together. Just think of how magical a moment that must have been for those that had not seen such a grand image before. And with the additions of the roses and other decorations around, this really seemed like such a special experience. Now all I am hoping for is that someone is recording these rehearsals for some BluRay extras, cause I’m gonna want to watch this again and again.


Moving away from the big screen, to the actual stage, let’s turn our focus to another bit of interesting news that tickled my nostalgic heart. One of my favorite non-Disney animated films is Anastasia, the slightly controversial historical fiction musical about Anya and her journey to discovering that she is the lost princess of Russia. Yeah, it is so historically inaccurate, but there is still some sort of charm to both the music and characters that never gets old…. to me at least. Well, in case you couldn’t guess, a stage musical adaptation of the film is in the workshop stages, and is going to be getting its second reading in June. (Source)

Does this mean the show is definitely happening? We’ll have to see later in the year if the reading is a success, but so far the signs are pointing to a positive result rather than negative. I’m also crazy interested to see who gets to be a part of this event, when it comes to acting talents. Angela Lansbury (who played Anastasia’a grandmother in the film) was at the original reading last year. The question will be if she continues on with the project, or is doing just a nice kind favor for the project in its pre-produced stage. Personally, I’d love to see a couple of Broadway stars in this show, particularly ones I’ll mention in my next Theater Thursday post (oh yeah, we’re doing dream casting, darlings!).

So which of these news interests you the most? Beauty and the Beast movie news got you excited? Loving that selfie? What about this Anastasia news? Comment below with your thoughts and fan-geekette squees!

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