One-Season Wonders I Wish I Could Bring Back

We all have our lists of shows we wish had lasted longer. Sometimes they’re shows that were cancelled before all the episodes even aired, and sometimes they’re shows that ran for three magical seasons and were just hitting their stride when the cut happened. For this list I’ve specifically picked shows that were cancelled after one season, that I wish could have gone on longer. Come, share in my sadness!

I will admit, these first two are kind of obvious, but I still wanted to include them because they are great shows. The shows are listed in chronological order, because why not?

Freaks and Geeks

The Freaks (on the left) and the Geeks (on the right). (Source)
The Freaks (on the left) and the Geeks (on the right). (Source)

This is the only show on this list that doesn’t fall into the category of sci-fi/fantasy, interestingly enough. But it does include characters who love those things! Like many other shows on this list, this has something of a cult following. What makes Freaks and Geeks really interesting (to me at least) is how many of the actors who were really starting out in this show have gone on to pretty impressive careers both in film and television. It kind of makes you wonder how their careers might have been different if the show had lasted longer.



Does Firefly need any introduction? Joss Whedon’s space western starring Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. This show has such a strong cult following they even did a 10-year reunion panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012. I didn’t even know space westerns were a thing until I saw this show…and then I completely understood why they were.

Birds of Prey

L-R: Dinah Lance, Barbara Gordon (Oracle), and Helena Kyle (Huntress). (Source)
L-R: Dinah Lance, Barbara Gordon (Oracle), and Helena Kyle (Huntress). (Source)

Loosely based on the DC Comics of the same name, this show follows Huntress, Oracle, and Dinah Lance, daughter of the Black Canary. It includes at least as much black leather and over-dramatic fight scenes as you probably expect. I will admit that I have not really re-watched much of this show since it aired on TV over 10 years ago. I keep saying I’m going to go back and watch all of it, but I’m scared it won’t quite live up to the memory, because my pre-teen self loved this show, and I don’t want to destroy that memory.



A private investigator in present-day Los Angeles, who happens to be a vampire? You really don’t need to say any more to convince me to watch this show. I stumbled onto it sometime in college and raced through it before realizing that there was only one season. If you’re a fan of Veronica Mars (and more specifically a fan of Logan), you should definitely check this one out, as Jason Dohring’s performance is one of the few things critics liked about Moonlight. I scoff at the critics however – this show is great fun, and I wish it had lasted more than one season.

The Dresden Files


Adapted from the book series by Jim Butcher (which I would also recommend for fans of urban fantasy), The Dresden Files is about a wizard named Harry Dresden who lives in Chicago and occasionally helps out on police investigations. This show was where I first fell in love with Paul Blackthorne, long before he was playing Captain Lance on Arrow.



This is a fairly recent disappointment – the one season finished airing a little over a year ago, and I remember talking with coworkers about how much we hoped it would return. Alas, Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ stint as the infamous Dracula was short-lived. This show was doing a very interesting job of reimagining the Dracula myth, and included a queer character, so I was curious to see where they would end up taking it. But no such luck!

Geekettes, what are some of the shows you mourn the most? Please remember to comment, like, and share if you enjoyed this post!


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