“Terminator: Genisys” Trailer 2 Debuts

This week, many trailers arrived on the internet to get themselves a date with a little movie called Avengers: Age of Ultron. Though of course I could have talked about that “Ant movie,” I instead feel it is much more interesting to discuss the other big trailer that dropped. What is it? Terminator: Genisys….. hooray?

I’m just gonna get this off my chest: This franchise seems dead, and this trailer, with more cheesy lines and silly, nonsensical plot developments, has dug its grave like a pro, and the endless amounts of references to the other films (through quotes and visuals) is more painful to watch than a 8 hour loop of a Nyan Cat, EXEL F mega mix.  Though some will argue that the “twist” is getting their interest, to me it screams of yet another desperate move to employ Arnold’s dying movie career.

Personally, I think the movie would have served much, much better, if it had kept “the secret” till its premiere. But because the marketing team over at Paramount is probably worried about Magic Mike XXL taking the top spot that weekend, they decided to let the big, “John Connor related” cat, out of its Sci-Fi nostalgic bag. But, now we know, and I guess we can’t go back.

Am I excited? No. Am I still gonna see it? Yeah, cause I’m a completist. Am I gonna like it? Probably not. Listen, I really want Terminator to be the franchise of my violence-loving, big-action-scene-obsessing, 90’s kid heart. But I’ve to come to the conclusion that neiher this, nor anything else, will ever be T2 for me. And as much as this movie wants me to squee and fangirl over seeing Arnold as his best role ever, on the big screen again, I just can’t muster such an emotion. Maybe I’m becoming a robot? Nah…. but a disappointed fangirl? Definitely.

So what do you think of this latest Terminator trailer? Do you now know the big twist? Wanna discuss it further? Comment below and lets get into it, since I (unlike the movie) don’t want to spoil it above.

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