This Week on TV: April 4-10

This week on TV…Jane the Virgin‘s characters struggle to catch a break in all of their romantic relationships, while on Agents of SHIELD everyone actually seems to be coming together in the face of crisis. The Flash and Arrow took a week off before they start on their final stretch of episodes (5 left for Arrow, 6 for Flash).

Jane the Virgin 1×17, “Chapter Seventeen”

Rogelio/Michael smashing gender stereotypes!
Rogelio/Michael smashing gender stereotypes!

Well well well…the tables have certainly turned for Rafael on Jane the Virgin. This week primarily focused on Jane’s anxiety about becoming a mother, especially given that Rafael seems preoccupied with all of the problems facing the Marbello. While Rafael is distracted by a series of screw-ups further endangering the hotel’s future (which HE caused), Jane continues to bond with her friend from last week. Andie, aka Michael’s other ex-girlfriend, offers her a babysitting gig to help her adjust to the idea of motherhood. Xo and Rogelio struggle to move forward with their relationship, as Xo tries to get Rogelio to tell her that he loves her, while he struggles with the fact that Xo and his mother couldn’t be on worse terms. But as Rogelio’s relationship with Xo hits the rocks, his new “bromance” with Michael flourishes, giving both actors plenty of comic material to work with in what’s quickly becoming one of the best parts of the show. However, despite all of the rough patches the characters hit this week, the episode concludes with a sweet moment between all three Villanueva women, who remind us what the core of the show really is: women loving and supporting each other.

Agents of SHIELD 2×15, “Afterlife” 

FitzSimmons together again!
FitzSimmons together again!

Agents of SHIELD delivered some exciting action yet again in this week’s outing! The team might be split up, but each character is receiving a ton of screen time as a result. Coulson and Hunter are on the run from “Olmost SHIELD,” a journey that started out with a hijacked jeep but now uses one of SHIELD’s planes as a mode of transportation. In the meantime, Skye finds herself in a beautiful resort-esque complex which houses an entire community of Inhumans and Potential Inhumans. She’s helped out by a guy named Lincoln (who really looks more like he belongs on a CW show but I digress), who helps her grow accustomed to the idea of having powers and allows her to flex her flirting muscles in the process. By the episode’s end, he actually introduces her to HER VERY MUCH ALIVE MOTHER, who offers to train Skye in how to control her abilities, though keeping her identity secret for the time being. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, Fitz and Simmons are actually working together again, and team up to get Fury’s toolbox out of SHIELD’s hands and to Coulson. And when Simmons sends off Fitz to deliver the package to Coulson in person, she gives him his favorite sandwich as an on-mission treat. Sniff.

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