Ryan Gosling will (most likely) star in Del Toro’s “Haunted Mansion”



A couple of weeks ago, a picture surfaced that featured two of my favorite individuals hanging out at the Happiest Place on Earth. I had a feeling this was no random mistake on their part, and something was definitely cooking up. And sure enough, the best thing ever to be heavily rumored was prepping in the House of Mouse kitchen. That’s right, that Haunted Mansion movie is finally happening, and Ryan Gosling is gonna be in it. Sound the trumpets, and queue the Ghost Host, today is indeed a good day! (Source)

Back in 2010, Guillermo Del Toro announced at SDCC that he, the man known for his magical gothic, award-winning films, would be making his own version of the Haunted Mansion, that would heal the boo-boo Eddie Murphy’s film left on many fans’ hearts. Ever since the news spread, and a cool poster was shown (featuring the beloved Hatbox Ghost), many wondered if the film had been dropped entirely. Del Toro is known to take on quite a few projects at a time, which results in some of them getting shelved temporarily. But now with this new update, Haunted Mansion could move into production sooner than we think.

Much of this is probably due to the overwhelming interest in Del Toro’s upcoming Crimson Peak, which to a dedicated Haunted Mansion fan, like yours truly, seems very similar in both its tone and subject matter to the classic Disney attraction. Granted, Haunted Mansion will likely be much more “kid friendly” than Crimson Peak would ever dare to become, but that’ll all remain to be seen once we know more contrite details on both films.

For those that have absolutely no clue what the Haunted Mansion even is, let me fill you in. First opening at Disneyland, with a new version in every other park since, the Haunted Mansion is a dark-ride attraction, where guests go inside a beautiful, gothic building and are told the story of 999 “Happy Haunts” by the famous Ghost Host. Visitors travel in “Doom Buggies” and explore the mansion, in all its creepy corners. If you’ve never been to any of the Disney parks, and are curious about the ride, here is a video for those interested.

The big question now stands, “Who the heck is Ryan Gosling going to play in the movie?” I have a few ideas. One, to me seems pretty obvious, in that he’ll be the man (shown at the end of the ride) who stands watch at the graveyard, with his trusty dog in hand. Gosling could also be a human version of the Ghost Host, or could also be the Hatbox Ghost himself. I believe them to be all valuable guesses at this point, but with the incredibly vague information we’ve gathered thus far, anything is a possibility – he could be playing Madame Leota for all we know!


So what are you hoping for with this new take on Haunted Mansion? Are you excited for Ryan Gosling’s casting? Do you want it to be a straight adaptation of the ride, or something different? Did you like the Eddie Murphy movie? Comment below and tell us all your “ghostly” thoughts!

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