Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 19 Review


Welcome back to Simulcast Corner. This week, we’re gonna return via a door to the 30th Century. Yeah, you know what that means – it’s time for another Sailor Moon Crystal review. Will it be yet another boring installment? Will this actually bring on the feels? At this point, who knows. But lets board our senshi-decorated Delorean and go back to the future, I guess.


So, remember how the past couple of episodes have felt like they’ve had all the life sucked out of them, and were more predictable than a season premiere of Once Upon A Time? Well, I don’t know if the team at Toei was tripping on acid, or going through a nostalgia trip, but this episode was without a doubt the best one of the entire series thus far. Seriously, I felt like I was back in 1995, sitting in my Minnie Mouse pajamas with a bowl of cereal on my lap. Did I in fact time travel? Was I the one in the Delorean? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, TOEI!?

By Dalin (Me)

When the episode began, everything seemed business as usual. There was a snippet of what episode 18 ended on, and it was the same whiney dialog we had been used to. But, suddenly, a familiar image seemed to appear from many Moon fans’ childhood memories:z10

Yeah, that’s right, Crystal decided to go all shades of 90’s by taking the frames, shrinking them, and putting sparkly, pastel moving backgrounds behind them. Ring any bells?


If you’re guessing that Toei decided to give some sort of tribute to the DiC dub of Sailor Moon, than you are probably correct. Though unfortunately we can’t confirm or deny whether this was a direct reason for these adorable new backgrounds, the connection is uncanny at best.

This resulted in many hilarious moments in which Usagi and Chibiusa would make sassy, snippy comments at one another, with equally gif-worthy faces to add a punch to the scene. The best of them being later in the episode, in which Chibiusa revealed that she is indeed a princess. And look at her baller outfit:


Not exactly sure what the yellow things are near her hair buns, but with the little gloves, and the crown, I was in Chibiusa “Cosplay Possibilities” heaven.

Now, for the few of you that do indeed read these after watching the episode, you might be wondering why I have yet to talk about “the scene”…. you know, the one that made the majority of the internet gasp in unison. This sequence takes place when Mamoru has tucked Chibiusa to sleep. Usagi stands by the door of Mamoru’s bedroom, and she proceeds to explain that she’s jealous of the attention he’s giving Chibiusa over her. This is pretty typical Sailor Moon drama, but what happens after that seemed to ruffle a few feathers.


Basically, Mamoru resolves these emotional issues with Usagi by them having a “romantic moment.” Now what specifically that could mean is up to the viewer, as there is, of course, the classic cut away to the moon, to avoid any true “controversy.” Some have said that they find this scene really disturbing, mostly because they interpret Usagi’s questioning as Mamoru being “romantically interested” in a little girl (Chibiusa). But, maybe it’s because I’m a fan who has grown up with hearing Usagi say these speeches over and over again, but I never really have thought of  Mamoru feeling that way towards Chibi in any incarnation of the series, especially in Crystal. At best, he has an emotional bond with her because, you know, he’s her dad in the future (duh!). Maybe I’m just a cranky old-timer, but that parental connection between these two seems pretty obvious.

Now, if you remember from last week, this episode also marked the debut of the first Outer Senshi to appear in Crystal: Sailor Pluto. Did she live up to her epic expectations? Mostly. She was the powerful, demanding, protective, and loving senshi that I have grown to admire over the years. The scene, in which Chibiusa hugs her, kicked me right in the “feels,” so to speak.


Many people will tell you, if you’ve never seen this arc before, that Pluto’s appearance is an extended cameo at best. Huntee can’t leave her post, so when Moon, Venus, Tuxedo Mask and crew get to Neo Crystal Tokyo, Pluto just says her goodbyes and returns to her job. For some, this would be considered a bit disappointing, but it is pretty much what most die-hards have come to except from Pluto’s introduction into the franchise. But if Sailor Moon Crystal gets another season, I’m sure we’ll see more of our favorite time-traveling senshi.


When the Sailor Scooby-Doo gang end up in the future, they come across the villains of this episode (who honestly, are not worth me giving them a write up), and have a pretty typical battle. But is it that typical? Well, yeah, except Tuxedo Mask gets to use his stupidly named attack again! WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS POSSIBLE?! Bless you Toei, bless you.

The episode ends with Usagi and Mamoru discovering the true identity of Chibiusa’s parents, which if you’re a fan (or someone that can tell based on hair styles what the heck is going on), you’ve known for quite sometime. We see Neo-Queen Serenity in a crystal bed, and King Endymion in all his silver epicness. Seems Episode 20 is gonna be devoted completely to flashbacks, which if they are given the same kind of high energy, off the wall treatment as Episode 19 got, then I’m totally down with it.

So what did you think of Episode 19? Did you like finally seeing Sailor Pluto? Where you loving all the Neo-Tokyo moments? Do you hope Tuxedo Kamen uses his attack every episode? Comment below with your thoughts and “feels.” 


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