This Week on TV: March 28-April 3

This week on TV… The Flash had a guest appearance by Mark Hamill as a terrorist named Trickster, and Arrow reached a tipping point in Ra’s al Ghul’s plans for Oliver. On Once Upon a Time, Snow and Charming’s dark secret and the fate of Maleficent’s lost child is revealed. Meanwhile, Agents of SHIELD picked up steam as SHIELD’s very existence was threatened.

Once Upon a Time 4×17, “Best Laid Plans” (Brianna)

Worried about their baby’s future, Snow White and Prince Charming got help from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to transfer the potential for darkness into “another vessel.” That vessel was Maleficent’s egg-child, who is actually Lily, the runaway girl Emma befriended as a teenager. Because The Savior can’t make any friends in this world who weren’t originally from the Enchanted Forest, apparently.


Emma’s pissed when her parents finally come clean, and it prompts her to release The Author from the book. The Author is a title that’s been held by many people, whose duty is to observe and record the great stories. Turns out the last Author started interfering in the stories and that’s why he was imprisoned. He was the man who directed Snow and Charming to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the first place, so he’s literally a Self-Inserting Fanfic Author.

The Flash 1×17, “Tricksters” (Megan)

The Tricksters taking Barry's dad as a hostage (Source)
The Tricksters taking Barry’s dad as a hostage (Source)

A copycat terrorist calling himself the Trickster is harassing Central City, ultimately breaking the original Trickster (played by guest star Mark Hamill) out of Iron Heights. Meanwhile Barry is struggling with his growing suspicions about Dr. Wells, and he and Joe decide it’s time to reveal his identity to Eddie, to help them protect Iris. In flashbacks we also saw the real Eobard Thawne kill and steal the appearance of Dr. Wells. There were also some really heartwarming moments with Barry and his dad, which were probably my favorite parts of the episode, because I love their relationship. The dynamic of Barry, Joe and Eddie teaming up to protect Iris (all while lying to her) is starting to make me uncomfortable, but I get the sense Eddie isn’t thrilled about it either, which makes me think it isn’t going to last too long.

Agents of SHIELD 2×15, “One Door Closes” (Meg)


THANK GOD Agents of SHIELD got back on track this week! No Ward was a big plus, but they also made some big progress with both the Inhuman and “Real Shield” storylines. Mr. No Eyes (whose real name is Gordon) met up with Skye at her Cabin in the Woods where he explained what her powers really were: the ability to sense and alter the vibrations of every atom near her. Over the course of the episode she finally began to control her ability for the first time, and at the end, consented to traveling with Gordon to Inhuman headquarters. Plot-wise, the main action happened back at the base, where Bobbi and Mack worked together to lower Shield’s defenses and to allow their own team to break in and take over Coulson’s operation. Though Coulson himself (and Hunter) were able to escape, May and FitzSimmons remain under Adama’s (I mean…Gonzales’) control. But more than anything else, what really impressed me about this episode was how each character really felt like themselves, and none of them were walking plot devices. There was also a balance of the entire cast, rather than most characters feeling either over- or underused.

Arrow 3×18, “Public Enemy” (Megan)


Captain Lance meets Ra's al Ghul (Source)
Captain Lance meets Ra’s al Ghul (Source)

The manhunt for the Arrow reaches new heights after the assassination of the mayor at the end of last week’s episode. Ray Palmer is also injured in the attack on the mayor, and Felicity saves his life with some experimental nano-somethings. Oliver ends up turning himself in, only to have Roy show up and claim that he’s been the Arrow the whole time. Probably one of the most exciting moments for me this week, big Ollicity shipper that I am, was Felicity realizing she couldn’t say “I love you” to Ray because the person she really loves is Ollie. There were multiple points in this episode where I found myself just wondering how the show was going to move forward from that point, and after seeing a promo for what’s to come in the remaining five episodes of this season…oh wow. This episode left me very excited for what is to come for everyone in the Arrow gang.

What did you watch this week, Geekettes? Don’t forget to like, share, and comment!


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