Do you find yourself staring at people’s cranium, drooling over what is inside? Do you have uncontrollable rage? Do you suddenly feel cold? Do you suddenly need super spicy hot sauce to make things have a taste?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are now one of the select few who have been turned. Congratulations! You are now a zombie.wpid-20150326_191034.jpg


If you answered no, but second guessed your answers, then you are like me and want to be like Liv from iZombie. This week, I will show you how to get her signature zombie look.


You will need


~White Foundation or Face Paint

~Skin Tone Foundation

~Burgundy and Brown Eyeshadows

~The Usual Suspects

~Fake Blood…which is optional


Start off by mixing equal amounts of the white and skin tone foundations. For this, I used cream face paint and cream foundation. Just make sure the consistency is the same for both products, ex: liquid to liquid, cream to cream, and powder to powder. Slap that mixture on your face, neck, ears, lips, and anywhere your skin will be exposed. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, set the makeup with translucent powder. If your skin looks dry, no worries! You ARE dead after all.


Apply your eyeshadow primer to your upper and lower lids. Let that sit for a minute as you fill in your brows. Fill them in with a lighter shade than you usually would. Liv has light eyebrows. When you are happy with them, time for the eyes. Start off with the burgundy eyeshadow. This will put the red base we need for the irritated eyes. Pat it on and blend it out. The color fades out just above the crease of the eye, so blend it right into the crease. With the bottom lid, apply it close to the lashes and blend down. Apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow on top of the burgundy you just applied, blending it into the existing shadow.


When you are happy with your sunken in eyeballs, tightline your eyes and draw a line on your upper lashes. Smudge the line out on the top lash line and on the bottom lashes. Apply your favorite mascara to both sets of lashes and the eyes are complete!


Using a grey or taupe eyeshadow, contour your face. Hollow out your cheekbones, along your temples, nose, and any other lines you wish to deepen. Stop here if you like. For me, if blood is an option, always take it. Using a makeup sponge that has been texturized and Cinema Secrets FX Blood, smear and dab the blood around your mouth. I placed a little on my mouth, but this blood is NOT edible. Do not swallow it by any means. There are other types of blood that can be consumed. Use that if your are super concerned.

Stalk on, zombies! You are now ready to take on the world around you. Happy hunting!


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