Anime Boston 2015: Pre-Con Coverage

Howdy, readers! As many of you know, it’s Convention Season, which means DG Con Coverage! I’m lucky enough to be  covering Anime Boston this year, a convention that is near and dear to my fangirl heart as I’ve been attending it for a decade. Even though I should probably be packing rather than writing, I’m amped up for AB 2015, plain and simple. Take a peek at what I love about Anime Boston and what I’m looking forward to this weekend.IMG_0773_edit


This year’s theme is Kaiju vs. Mecha. Neither of which are genres I’m super into, but it’s not like that’s about to stop me. If you go in for themed panels, there’s Mecha Modeling with Sophie, How to Kill a Titan, and Kaiju or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Cancel the Apocalypse. Themed video showings include Ronin Warriors, Evangelion, and Gurren Lagan.

Crowd favorites are the AMV Contest, the Masquerade, Anime Unscripted, and the weekend-long cosplay plot. As for me, I’m looking forward to Gender Identity in Con Culture, Sailor Moon & Feminism, and Plus-Size Cosplay, to name a few.


You can peep Anime Boston’s full guest list here, but among this year’s notables are Haruo Nakajima and Akira Takarada, stars of the original Gojira/Godzilla film from 1954. Takarada was the handsome lead battling The King of Monsters, played by Nakajima in a suit. Nakajima went on to play Godzilla in eleven more films, as well as other suit characters, over a twenty-three year career.

Let’s not forget voice actors. Greg Ayres is pretty much a staple on each year’s list guest list, Mona Marshallwhich doesn’t make him any less awesome. He’s the voice behind Son Goku in Saiyuki, Kaoru in Ouran High School Host Club, and will be bringing Nagisa Hazuki to life in the upcoming dub Free: Eternal Summer. Personally, I’m excited about Mona Marshall. She’s voiced some of my favorite anime characters, like Izzy from Digimon Adventure and Minoru from Chobits, plus three characters from the ’80s Rainbrow Brite cartoon. Fingers crossed I score an interview with her.


I’m a photographer, so snapping pics of people in costumes is one of the biggest draws for me.  I’m always on a hunt to photograph as many Sailor Senshi as possible, which will probably be super easy this year in lieu of Sailor Moon: Crystal. My favorite type of shots, however, are the random shenanigans kind. Elvis and Deadpool? Check. Daryl Dixon in line with Elsa getting lunch at Pizzeria Regina?  Check.


What’s on your AB to-do list? What cosplay trends are you expecting? Do the comment thing and share your thoughts!

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