Two Can Keep a Secret if None of them are A: Fan Theories of the Past

When picking what to write about for fan fiction this week, I wanted to talk about Pretty Little Liars because of the Big A reveal. I then realized that largest source of fan fiction is really fan theories because in a way they are fiction until they become canon. In honor of the Big A reveal last Tuesday in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, I decided to go back and look at some of the people that the fans have speculated to have been A. If you haven’t seen this season’s finale, then I suggest you watch it before reading this.

If you did watch it then: below I looked at people who many fans have thought were A in the past but now that we know that A is ChArles we know these characters cannot be.

Aria has often been perceived to be A because of the intro to the show where the girls appear to look in her direction and then the camera zooms in on her. Also because her name begins and ends in an A. When she first comes back from Iceland the texts from A start so it would make sense that she could’ve been A. Right? Well if you notice the girls look at other girls in the intro not just Aria, I wouldn’t quite hold that to be very much evidence. Aria also receives some of the most terrifying circumstances of A’s plan as well. If she had been A, she wouldn’t have locked herself in multiple boxes or had someone almost stab her in the eye. The final piece of evidence that she could not be A is that she was in the dollhouse when Charles revealed himself.

Alison could definitely still be a large player in A’s game but knowing that she is in prison while the rest of the girls are trapped in the dollhouse and being terrorized by Charles definitely rules her out as Big A. We know that Ali spent two years in hiding and could’ve gotten up to who knows what. However, we’re pretty sure that the person who hit Ali over the head was Big A who we now know is Charles. If Ali had been A she would’ve planned to fake her own death. What actually happened was someone (probably A, probably Charles) hit her over the head and her mother buried her alive. While Ali may be guilty of a lot of things, being A is not one.

We know that Ezra was writing a book because of the lies that Alison told him. This prompted him to do some very A-like things. He had a couple A-like lairs, and a lot of people like to point out some sentences on his chalkboard as very A-like. He also has a lot of money which A definitely does as well. While Ezra might have a possibility of somehow being Charles, I can’t see it due to the fact that while Charles was at the prom in the dollhouse with the girls, Ezra was at Campbell farm with the the police department

A lot of people like to speculate that Caleb could be A because he’s so good with technology and A is able to hack into computers and phones at a moment’s  notice. No one else has been able to perform skills like this other than Caleb. Caleb however has no ties to Rosewood. His parents were from Ravenswood and so there is no possibility of him being Charles Dilaurentis. He also would not have gone out of his way to fly to Montecito and run his mother’s car off the road. Lastly, Caleb could not have been A because the writers and producers of the show have stated that they decided who A would be at the end of season two. Had they chosen Caleb, they would not have given him a spinoff show.

The characters whose bodies we have seen. If we have seen a physical body with the face of a character we knew, chances are they are not A. Many people have speculated that Mrs. Dilaurentis, Detective Wilden, Garret Reynolds, and Ian Thomas have been A. We have seen bodies for these characters and therefore they cannot be A. However one of them could be a twin so we cannot rule out any of the actors returning.

These people could not be Big A but the writers and producers have made a point to distinguish Big A from Uber A who is also the Veiled Lady. While none of the people listed above can be Charles, these theories don’t necessarily stop them from being Uber A as long as they’re still living. To look at some theories surrounding the revelations in the season finale, check out this tumblr that I’ve been working on with a friend of mine. What’s your Big A theory? Leave some comments to let me know!


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