“The Show of My Dreams”: A Love Letter to “BBC Musketeers”

Though I am not typically a TV writer on this site, there are the occasional shows that really inspire me to write my heart out, and the one I will discuss today is just that kind of series, presented in a sort of love letter, if you will.


In the past, I’ve found myself a bit disappointed with the variety of shows offered via the BBC. Aside from my love of Downton Abbey, none of the other hit shows really captured my true devotion and interest. Though I have casual respect and appreciation for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the other famous genre shows from the UK, none of them ever really inspired the intense passion I had for my favorite series of the past. But then, last year, a little adventure show appeared before my eyes, and I felt the warmest, most comfortable embrace around my TV-watching heart. The kind of feeling I hadn’t processed in some time. The show I speak of is BBC’s The Musketeers. 

As a young kid who grew up on shows such as Xena Warrior Princess, Young Indiana Jones Adventures, and many other adventure series, I had a fondness for stories that allowed me to escape, to dream, and to laugh all at once. I was a kid who wanted to explore the world and discover the secrets within each corner I could find, and maybe uncover a romance or two along the way. So when seeing this new incarnation of The Musketeers, those familiar feelings were present on a grand scale, the kind that made me feel like a little girl again.


Many of you are probably wondering: how a show that focuses on the missions of four leather-decorated soldiers could become a favorite of this magical girl loving writer? The trick, my friends, is to look beyond the surface of the handsome gents seen in the promo pictures, and see the “bigger picture” of the series as a whole.

For starters, BBC’s The Musketeers features not just incredible characters overall, but specifically a female cast that are the kind I used to dream of becoming as a kid. From the confident and mysterious Milady de Winter, to the beautiful and intelligent Constance, along with the enchanting and powerful Queen Anne, the amount of amazing, inspiring, and butt-kicking women on this show would make Marvel’s MCU blush in embarrassment. And, half the time, they are saving The Musketeers themselves from their own messes.


But that is not to say that these gentlemen with muskets are anything to ignore. These once cookie cutter heroes of adaptations past have now been fleshed out into a group of diverse, rich, and entertaining protagonists. From the hate-filled Athos, the lady-loving (and equal rights supporting) Aramis, the heroic Porthos, to the youthful D’artagnan, there is a Musketeer for everyone to connect with and enjoy. If you were to ask who is my favorite of the bunch, it would easily be the combo-pack of Porthos and Aramis, who, in my mind, are the best example of a “bromance” on TV since Kirk and Spock. Props to Howard Charles and Santiago Caberera, for making a season two scene, where the two of them go on a quest to find Porthos’s father, “bromantically” heart wrenching to the core.


BBC’s Musketeers also has quite the cast of side characters, each of whom give the show a bright and fabulous spark in every new episode. But who is my favorite? King Louis, of course! From the moment this long haired, fabulously dressed brat enters the series, you know that he is going to bring on the laughs and entertainment like a pro. Ryan Gage, who plays Louis, has the perfect combination of both royal charm and “Diva” sass, that you can’t take your eyes off him. You cheer him on when he does his kingly duties, and yell at him when he is completely missing the point–a sign of both brilliant writing and acting all around.


Now I’m sure at this point, you’re curious to know about the villains. Well, do not fear, for The Musketeers has some of the greatest baddies around. Season one featured famous Musketeer foe The Cardinal, played by Doctor Who himself, Peter Capaldi. Since he was cast in the famous Sci-Fi role during his time on Musketeers, Peter had to be replaced in Season two with a new antagonist. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous that the new villain would not live up to the bad guy charms of the Cardinal. But ironically, I’ve fallen more in love Rochefort (Marc Warren) than I ever could have imagined. He’s so creepy, conniving, and yet still charming in the weirdest of ways, just the way I like my villains.

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So, if you couldn’t seem to gather, I am truly, deeply in love with this show. It is everything I’ve ever wanted in a modern action adventure TV series, and more. Though we are at the end of season two, I’m incredibly excited to see what else is on the horizon for D’artagnan and the gang. But whichever direction it goes in, I hope that this incarnation of The Musketeers continues for many seasons to come. The world needs more shows like this, where everyone can join in the fun, and be accepted for whichever adventure they take. And I think that’s a message we all can respect and celebrate.

So, are you currently watching BBC Musketeers? Comment below and let us know your favorite characters! What are you hoping for in season three? Comment and tell us your deepest fandom wishes!


6 thoughts on ““The Show of My Dreams”: A Love Letter to “BBC Musketeers”

  1. The Musketeers is the show that stopped me in my tracks, making my life an enriched journey through history and fiction. I love the characters, so ably portrayed by such talented actors. The plots, part taken from Dumas book and part inspiration of the writers, are gripping. Each episode left me gasping for the next. Bring Milady back for Athos.

  2. This series has been shown many times before and I,ve seen them all but this one is the best.Who would have thought of dressing the boys in leather?My favourite has to be Athos.

    1. The musketeers possibly my absolute favourite show ever! My top female character is definitely milady she is so enigmatic and a riddle in herself. Male characters are easy absolutely love aramis Santiago Cabrera very witty and self pleasing. Always made me laugh when he fought with his hat in prodigal father. He also has a sense of adventure and daring. Next I like athos tom Burke his past is sad yet he carrys on taking the lead and facing responsibility. He was of noble background but left his estate to the villagers of piñon in the return

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