This Week on TV: March 21-27

This week on TV…felt like the return of old friends/villains on The Flash and Arrow  with the return of the Rogues (Captain Cold and Heatwave) and the reforming of the Suicide Squad (with new addition, Cupid!). On Once Upon a Time, we delved “fathoms below” into the bad blood between Hook and Ursula, furthering the Evil-Isn’t-Born, It’s-Made mantra of the show. Elsewhere, Agents of SHIELD turned their focus to a surprising new adversary: Another SHIELD organization…

Once Upon a Time 4×16, “Poor Unfortunate Soul” (Brianna)

Young Ursula (played by Tiffany Boone) was a mermaid and the daughter of Poseidon (Ernie Hudson). Poseidon tried to leverage Captain Hook’s friendship with Ursula against his revenge on Rumplestiltskin. In the end, everybody got screwed, and Ursula most of all. Betrayed, she refused to be a “little mermaid” any longer, transforming into a fearsome sea witch.

“You named me Ursula after the sea goddess of old. Legend says she was strong and powerful. Well, that’s exactly what I want to be.”

In Storybrooke, August is interrogated about the author, while Killian/Hook tries to rectify his past with Ursula in order to find out Rumplestiltskin’s plan. It is only with the help of Ariel that he reunites Ursula with both her father and her voice. Meanwhile, August  yields the information that the Author was imprisoned by the Sorcerer behind a magic door, and that door is somewhere in Storybrooke. Post-rescue, August tells Team Hero the picture of the door is the door: the Author is trapped in his storybook.

The Flash 1×16, “Rogue Time” (Megan)

The Cold siblings and Cisco (Source)
The Cold siblings and Cisco (Source)

Barry realizes he has traveled back in time and despite Dr. Wells’ warnings not to change anything, ends up changing a lot of stuff (including the fact that he and Iris got together at the end of the last episode!). Captain Cold returns, and tortures Cisco’s brother to get Cisco to admit Barry’s identity, and at the end Caitlin convinces Eddie and Iris that the reason Barry has been acting weird is because of side effects of the lightning strike. All in all not exactly what I was expecting – I think I assumed Barry would play along for longer, and the events would more closely mimic last week’s episode. Still, I liked getting to see Cisco’s brother, and I’m intrigued by the reset on Iris admitting her feelings, and we still ended with Barry convinced that Wells might be evil.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2×14, “Love in the Time of Hydra”


















Okay, Agents of SHIELD really needs to pick a story arc and stop bouncing around all the time. This week, the Inhumans were almost completely ignored in favor of developing the story surrounding the “other” SHIELD. The group is led by a man named Robert Gonzales, played brilliantly by BSG’s Edward James Olmos. They operate under the belief that Coulson is repeating Fury’s mistakes and endangering the public as a result. While I’m intrigued by the notion of another SHIELD, I’m not a fan of the show taking up even MORE time with awkward exposition dropping their other main arc for an entire episode. Meanwhile, Coulson brings Skye to a “safe house” for people with special abilities where she can learn to control her powers with wristbands created by Simmons as a way of aiding her. On the subject of my favorites Fitz and Simmons’, I’m frustrated by how the show has yet to portray Simmons’s perspective of Skye’s powers in a positive light. Fitz’s protective nature of Skye is always shown as being from a place of concern, while Simmons’s determination to “cure” Skye isn’t. Oh, and Ward and Agent 33 are on the run together. Which we’re supposed to care about, apparently.

Arrow 3×17, “Suicidal Tendencies” (Megan)

This week's iteration of the Suicide Squad (Source)
This week’s iteration of the Suicide Squad (Source)

While Diggle and Lyla go off on another mission with the Suicide Squad, Ollie continues to deal with the League of Assassin’s impersonator, running around killing people while disguised as the Arrow. Ray Palmer figures out Oliver is the Arrow and initially turns on Felicity for lying to him, but Ollie talks some sense into him, and as Ray is calling off the city’s manhunt for the Arrow, the mayor is shot…with an arrow. I really enjoyed Laurel’s standing up to her father and defending the Arrow in this episode. There was no Nyssa this week, but it’s clear she’s still around, because Laurel repeatedly referenced her new trainer. I also always enjoy Lyla and Diggle’s dynamic when they’re in the field, so that was fun to see again, though I was disappointed it ended with Lyla feeling like she needed to resign in order to preserve her family.

How about you, Geekettes? What did you watch this week? And don’t forget to like, comment, and share if you enjoyed this post!


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