Watch with Me: A Sample of My Netflix To-Watch List

I’m going to be honest Geekettes–even I get TV fatigue sometimes. As much as I love spending hour after hour watching characters clash and stories unfold, sometimes I need a little detox. So in honor of the fact that the only shows I’ve been bothering to watch lately are Grimm, The Flash, Arrow, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I thought I would share a little bit about the shows I haven’t been watching yet. Like I imagine many of you do too, I have a very long to-watch list on Netflix (or as Netflix now calls it, simply “My List”), so I’ve shared some of them below. The idea behind this is that if any of you have watched these shows and think I should GET ON IT RIGHT AWAY–you will tell me. And if some of these are more meh – you’ll tell me that too, so I stop feeling like I’m missing out. And thirdly, if you want to watch some of these along with me, let me know!

Black Mirror
The first two seasons of this British series, which has been compared to The Twilight Zone, are available on Netflix. The third season is still in production. The episodes are all standalone speculative fiction, with apparently some very dark themes. But hey, if Stephen King likes it, I might as well check it out, right?
Dollhouse is one of the few Joss Whedon creations I haven’t watched, and lucky for me both seasons of it are available on Netflix. Honestly, I have heard so many mixed reviews of the show over time that I’ve become very nervous about watching it, but I’m determined to do so…at some point.
This show airs on Syfy but originally premiered on Showcase, in Canada. A sci-fi story about a cop and rebels who travel back from the future? You don’t really need to tell me more. The first three seasons of this are on Netflix right now, and the final season is airing later this year.
Bomb Girls
A Canadian series about women working in a factory during World War II. This came up as a recommendation for me because of watching Call the Midwife (a show I would highly recommend). The complete two season as well as the TV movie that go along with them are all available on Netflix right now. I’m definitely planning on watching this next time I get a craving for some period drama and fabulous strong women (actually those cravings never really go away).
Land Girls
Okay, this one is kind of similar to Bomb Girls, but this time it’s a British show, about the Women’s Land Army during WWII. This one aired for three seasons, with a total of fifteen episodes. If you’d rather watch women work in a field than in a factory, then maybe choose this one over Bomb Girls. Beyond that distinction, I will have to watch them both to get a better sense of their individual merits.
This is another show that is still airing (the finale of the second season is now only a couple weeks away). I remember seeing promos for it before the first season started, and I’ve heard enough good things that I think I eventually want to get around to watching it. Season One is already on Netflix, and I imagine Season Two will make its way there, possibly over the summer. Creepy disease outbreak and lots of mystery – I probably won’t want to watch this alone and late at night.
So Geekettes, have any of you watched these shows? Which ones should I watch ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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